Updated Old School New Body Review For 2017

28 Feb

After reaching to the age 40, you will notice it is lot easier to gain pounds than burning them. The foods you ate in your 20s and 30s without any problem seems to stick in your body like glue adding extra pounds to your physique. This is because after the age of 40, body goes through series of changes that makes it difficult for body to burn fat.

After age 40, exercising tactics you used in your 20s and 30s seems to be no longer working. Now you can’t able to refuse dessert or spend some extra time in exercises at the end of week to lose ugly pounds from your body. The good news is, researches proved that by combining exercises with the timing of food it is possible to build muscle-mass that is key component for burning fat.

If you are lazy like me who don’t want to spend 100 or 200 hours in researching for best diet and exercise then there is online program called Old School New Body from which you can take help.

The great thing is, Old School New Body program isn’t only for young in their 20s or 30s instead men and women over 40s can also get maximum benefits from it. Unlike other programs like Insanity, P90x etc that exclude certain age group of people as they contain high intensity workout.

I like this Old School New Body because it can be use by 18 years old who are just getting interest in working out and also use by people over 40 that want to look great.

In this review, we are going to take a deep look on this program to find if it is really worth the money and time…

What is Included In This Program?

Old School, New Body Main Manual

Old School New Body downloadThis is the main manual that contains information and knowledge about how and when you should be exercising for best results. Additionally in this eBook, you will discover about secret technique that is called F4X Protocol. Authors will tell you the history behind F4X Protocol and why it works so great for men and women over 40.

You will also find about three phrases that are LEAN, SHAPE and BUILD.

These phrases are designed according to individual’s needs. Suppose, if you are having apple shape body then your prime focus should be first using LEAN phrase. If you want to get sexy look then SHAPE is what you should follow. However, if you like to build strong and muscular body then BUILD is the right phrase for you.

This guide also contains some motivational tips and tricks that will come handy when you start performing exercises. I recommend you to read this book twice or thrice because it contains some good information regarding foods you eat which is crucial for reverse ageing.

Quick Start Guide:

This short 15 pages guide contains list of exercises that are included in three different phrases that are LEAN, SHAPE and BUILD. Before reading this short report, you have to complete main Old School New Body eBook first.

Other than these two eBooks, there are 4 free bonus reports:

  • Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets
  • Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets
  • Ultimate Sex and Anti-Ageing Secrets
  • Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

I go through these free bonus reports but they don’t contain anything special. Like we all know chicken breast and turkey are good for muscle-building, plain yogurt is good for weight loss, pomegranate juice is good for sexual health etc.

There are also some free audio interviews from well-known coaches in fitness industries. I didn’t listen to them so I can’t comment on them but I will check them later. These free bonuses are included to provide information at one-place but remember they are not essential part of the program.

What Old School New Body Program is All About?

This program is created by Steve Holman and his Becky Holman to reveal some weight loss secrets that also prevent ageing. In this program you will learn about F4X protocol. This is the same technique that helped Steve, Becky and many others to lose weight, get fit and reverse ageing.

Steve and Becky Holman designed this program with the help of John Rowley who is himself famous in fitness industry. Besides that, Steve is very experience guy when it comes to fitness and body building. He also appeared in many health magazines and currently he is working as Editor-in-chief for IRONMAN magazine.

As an Editor-in-Chief of IRONMAN magazine, Steve took interview of some of the fittest people in the world. After collecting their secrets, Steve put them into Old School New Body.

At the time of writing this Old School New Body review, there is limited-time offer from which you can download this program in just $20 which also includes 60-days money back guarantee.

Who Is Steve Holman?

Steve Holman and Becky Holman

Steve Holman and Becky Holman

Steve Holman is very popular name in bodybuilding industry.He is the editor in chief of IRONMAN magazine and he has wrote numerous books and articles on fitness and body building.

Steve has interviewed some legendary bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who Is Becky Holman?

Becky is the wife of Steve and mother of two beautiful girls. She is one of the success stories of F4X protocol and now she is actively contributing in IRONMAN magazine. She achieved her ideal body shape in 40s. Therefore, age is just number, it doesn’t matter if you are in your 30s, 40s, or even 50s you can surely get your ideal body at any age.

What Is F4X Protocol?

F4X Protocol is the technique that is used by Steve and Becky to get fit and reverse ageing. F4X stands for Focus-4 eXercise. In this technique there are four exercises that are:

  • Squads
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Upright Rows
  • Incline Presses

Old School New Body contains 3 workout plans (Lean, Shape, Build) that you have to follow depending on your fitness goals. All these three workout plans contains F4X exercises. All these workout plans takes 60 minutes to complete and exercise time is about 30 minutes.

However, before you start exercising you need to select weight that you can lift with moderately difficult till 15 reps. Instead of doing every set of 15 reps you have to reduce your reps to 10. It is recommend by Steve to do 4 reps and take 35 seconds rest between these sets.

How Does It Work?

Since everyone has different fitness goals that is why Steve Holman has divided this entire Old School New Body system into three different phrases (or you can say steps). Steve only recommends four different exercises but number of reps and sets various in every phrase. Each phrase is the foundation for next phrase. This means you have to start from phrase one (that is LEAN) then you can carry on next phrase if you wish.

LEAN Phrase:

This entry level phrase will set foundation for next phrases. This phrase is easy to follow and many people achieved their fitness goals with this phrase only. This is the most important phrase and author has advice against skipping this phrase until you have targeted level of leanness.

This is rightly so, because many programs provide training to lose weight and build muscle collectively. Although it works if you have low body fat but if you carry 20 or 25 extra pound of fat then you can’t lose fat and build muscles at the same time.

It is always important to take one step at a time. Many men and women got happy with the results they achieve in this phrase. However, small majority of people move to level 2 that is SHAPE phrase.

SHAPE Phrase:

This phrase is designed for those men and women who want to build ‘some’ muscle to improve their appearance. This phrase will give little bit more balance and definition to your muscles. Becky stopped after this phrase because her main goal was to look like athlete – not too skinny, not to bulky as well.

It is very important for women to understand by building some muscles their body will not look like too bulky. It takes lot of time and efforts to build body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You can always stop in between this phrase and do maintenance phrase.

BUILD Phrase:

This phrase is for those people who want muscular and fitness trainer body. In this phrase you will get reps and sets of 4 exercises that will increase 10 to 20 pounds of pure muscles in your body.

It is important to keep in mind that this phrase will NOT help you in building body like monster professional as it involves taking illegal steroids and eating protein-rich diet.  This Old School New Body plan is for those men and women who want to get fit in natural way without any side-effects.

Old School New Body bonus guides


Great For Everyone:

OSNB advantagesMajority of weight loss programs are targeted towards youth leaving out people that are above 40. Thankfully, Old School New Body program is different. Not only teenagers can improve their shape with this program however, people in their 40s, 50s or 60+ can also follow this program.

Take Less Time:

I have personally noticed lots of individuals spending 60 to 90 minutes in gym every day but thankfully F4X workouts need just 90 minutes a week (that’s 3 x 30 minutes session). We all are busy in our life but arranging just 30 minutes a day and that’s only for 3 days in a week seems highly possible.

Lots Of Success Stories From People Of Different Age Group:

If you think you are over 50 and can’t get fit now then think once again. Jack LaLanne of 95 age (one of the Steve’s client) get fit and still doing F4X exercises every day. I don’t have permission to share more success stories with you but if you visit the official website then you will see lot of success stories along with before and after pictures from people in their 40s, 50s and 60+.

Created By Experts:

I recently observed there are many weight loss programs that are created by ‘unknown’ gurus that hide behind their online presence. Thankfully Old School New Body system is different. Steve Holman is huge name in fitness industry and he has help lot of men and women to get ideal body shape.

Value For Money:

Steve Holman kept the price of OSNB program at just $20 because he wants everyone to give it a try for once. At this price everyone can afford it and this is one-time payment. The information you will get at this price tag is just amazing. Additionally, you will also get 60-days money back guarantee to test it for 60 days without any risk. I’d be shocked to know if you actually need this but it is good to have it.


Available Online Only:

OSNB disadvantagesIf you need to access this program you need internet connection as everything is available online. DVDs and shipping cost increases the final price of the product that is why Steve kept the program online so that everyone can access it without any delay.

No Videos:

At the price tag of just $20 I wasn’t expecting any videos because video production increases final cost sharply. OSNB contains only 4 exercises that contain enough pictures that will show you how to do them correctly. In any case, if you want videos then you can look at Youtube and you surely find videos on them.

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for scientifically proven strategy for losing weight and building muscles then Old School, New Body is wonderful solution for you. It is inexpensive and the information you will receive in this program is proven to work. You don’t need any other program expect this.

Being sold through ClickBank you will get 60-days money back guarantee. I have some good experience with Clickbank refund policy and I always receive my money within 48 hours.

I tried my best to reveal as much information I know in this Old School New Body review. If you have any other question then feel free to contact me. If you have something useful to share regarding this program then please let us know using the comment box below.

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