3 Useful Facts To Help You Decide if Benzoyl Peroxide Is Right for Your Skin Concerns

Whether you’ve been noticing more breakouts than usual cropping up lately or you’re frustrated with issues like constant oiliness or enlarged pores, you may be wondering what skincare options can help you get your skin problems under control. If your main concern has to do with acne and you’ve tried a few remedies that haven’t worked, it may be time to consider using a product with benzoyl peroxide in it. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the strongest options for fighting frustrating breakouts and can be found in a variety of products, from dedicated spot treatments to facial cleansers and more. Additionally, you can find it in a range of concentrations, depending on the severity of your acne. Here are a few more useful facts to help you decide whether benzoyl peroxide is the ingredient for your needs.

  1. It Helps Eliminate Pore-Clogging Grime and Bacteria

Part of the reason benzoyl peroxide works so well is because it functions by getting rid of unwanted bacteria. This in turn helps prevent your pores from getting clogged, which is one of the primary causes of many breakouts.

  1. It Works Best on Inflammatory Acne

If you have cystic acne, your best shot is to consult your dermatologist. However, if your acne is of the inflammatory type, benzoyl peroxide is likely to be particularly effective. For example, nodules and pustules that are typically pus-filled and reddish fit the bill.

  1. It’s Available in Multiple Concentrations

You may want to adjust the concentration of benzoyl peroxide you use to fit your specific skin needs. For example, since your face is more sensitive than your body, a 4% concentration should suffice. You can use a higher concentration on body acne, for instance. The concentration is also likely to be higher in spot treatments than other types of products, such as cleansers and so on. Keep in mind that the higher the concentration, the more likely it is that it can dry your skin out. To avoid this, apply in moderate amounts and make sure to moisturize and wear sunscreen.

When you’re working through rounds of breakouts or non-stop oiliness, it can feel more than frustrating if typical remedies haven’t worked. If you need to get rid of acne and want a time-tested, hard-hitting solution, consider shopping for a product with benzoyl peroxide. It could be the ideal solution to help get rid of pesky skin problems.