5 Guidelines for Improved Lunges

There are various exercises that involve some type of lunging, from high-intensity interval training to yoga. All in all, it’s always a good idea to improve your lunges. When looking to combat a weakened back from sitting all day, lunges are the best choice to improve your condition. It’s essential to train in your lunges to build a better core for your spine.

However, to access all the benefits of lunge training, you will need to fix your form.

Here are five simple guidelines you can follow to do this better.

Keep Your Front Shin Straight

 When performing lunges, if your knees protrude over your toes, you’ll stress the knees and turn the exercise into a quad-dominant workout. As many people already possess powerful quads, adjust the workout to target your glutes, hamstrings, and back instead. Lunges with a straight tibia will provide you with a more desirable, firm backside.

Pretend Your Back Leg Doesn’t Exist

When done right, lunges only require each leg to perform separately and shouldn’t use the power of both legs to create momentum. Whether it is a regular or reverse lunge, fully concentrate on the leg in front, do not push yourself with your back foot because, by doing so, you are lowering the quality of the workout.

Push Through Your Front Heel

After you have mastered using your front foot, push through the heel to a standing position as much as you can, and also boost your exercise with supplements from https://120kgs.net/. By pushing your heel towards the ground; you gain correct glute and hip engagement.

This way, will develop a robust and firmer butt while avoiding the risk of sustaining a knee injury.

Feet Should Be Hip-Width Apart

Using a stance narrower than hip width is not advisable while performing a lunge. By doing so, you will throw both your balance and strength off, instead, step forward or backward at an angle that leaves some space between your feet.

Lift Your Foot Strategically

If you have followed the aforementioned guidelines, you can customize the exercise to your liking. You can get creative to improve the advantages of lunging too.

For increased hamstring and glute activation, use a step to lift up the foot in front, and if you want to increase your quad size and glute activation, do the same with the back foot.

Using this method is an exciting way to enhance the challenge level for professionals.


Lunges are an effective yet simple workout that require no special equipment. Improving your lunges will lead to an improvement in your balance, the building of muscle strength and size, improvement of your core stability, and assistance in developing better coordination.

If you have not yet tried lunges, it is recommended that you reconsider your options and add this exercise to your routine.

Lunges are an easy, simple, and cheap way to gain an athlete’s physique and slowly progress towards that ripped or firm body you have always desired!