5 Ways To Kiss Dark Eye Circles Goodbye For Your Healht

Bags and circles are a common occurrence as men and women age. As the skin’s elasticity loses firmness, the under-eye area loses its youthfulness. This change can make people look tired and older, adding several years to someone’s appearance. Never fear, though. There are ways to reclaim elasticity and beauty. The following are five things to try.

  1. Improve Hydration

Start by assessing your water intake. If the body fails to receive the proper amount of moisture, the skin deflates, looking lifeless and pale. The skin under the eye is particularly vulnerable to this shift as the eye sinks in and color fades. Increase your non-caffeinated fluids to at least 64 fluid ounces a day.

  1. Take Collagen

Collagen vitamins improve the skin’s springiness. This nutrient declines with age, leading to additional wrinkles and unattractive skin. Add a supplement to your diet to regain appropriate levels.

  1. Use Eye Creams

Several products replenish the skin from the outside, plumping it up and alleviating blood vessel darkening. Look for a cream that moisturizes and nourishes. Vitamin C and retinol are both beneficial; plus, caffeine tends to revive the zone too.

  1. Have Surgery

Professionals have several options available to ease the trouble. Search for aesthetic plastic surgery Thousand Oaks CA to look for surgical or out-patient medical techniques that rejuvenate the coloring and firmness of the eye’s skin.

  1. Use Compresses

Allergies and eye strain may put too much pressure on the blood vessels, bringing out the darkness and creating puffiness. Gain some relief by placing a cold eye press over the eyelids. Grab a washcloth, soaking it in cold water. You may also wrap ice cubes inside of it. Apply for at least 20 minutes to see an effect. Repeat as needed.

Don’t age before your time. With some effort and the proper technique, regain your lustrous eyes and say goodbye to looking fatigued.