Advantages of Lap-Band Surgery:

This procedure is also called a gastric band surgery. In this procedure, a bariatric surgeon places a thin, adjustable ring or gastric band around the upper part of the stomach of the candidate. This then creates a new, smaller stomach pouch above the stomach. The surgeon who performs the surgery uses a laparoscope to position the band correctly, which allows the surgery to be done successfully through several incisions in the abdomen, or in the stomach area.

Advantages of lap band surgery are as follows:

  • Very low risk-involved, the chances of complications are less as compared to gastric bypass surgery.
  • The only surgery that is adjustable, which allows or controls stomach size even years later.
  • It helps to prevent weight regain in the future.
  • Safe for pregnant women as it allows the opening of the stomach size to eat more while you are pregnant.
  • All adjustments that are done don’t include any further surgery.
  • It is a proven surgery that works worldwide with many surgeons, doctors, and nurses who have undergone the procedure themselves.
  • Lap band surgery is the only surgery that is reversible if necessary, for any medical condition, where the stomach completely returns back to normal size and function.
  • It has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for people with a BMI of 30 or higher to undergo the surgery if they have risk factors that are related to being obese.
  • Least invasive surgery for weight loss as compared to other surgeries.
  • There is no intestinal rerouting or cutting or stapling of the stomach wall done in the surgery.
  • The pain of the patient, length of hospital stays and recovery time is reduced.
  • Low risk for nutritional deficient is involved.
  • No risk of “dumping syndrome” involved which is generally associated with gastric bypass.
  • Adjustable band in the lap band surgery allows the surgeon to customize the food-flow from one part of the stomach to the other, which makes it ideal for long-term weight loss.

Lap band theory has numerous benefits attached to it, which makes it so popular for extremely obese as well not so obese candidates to opt for.