Are there some myths related to physical therapy?

Indeed, Physical Therapy is changing the lives of millions of people by overcoming their pain and lack of mobility. As its popularity is increasing, we commonly hear different misconceptions. So, here we are debunking some of the myths associated with physical therapy. 

Myth – You need a referral or prescription to take physical therapy care

Fact – For your information, you are entirely free to consult the licensed physical therapists to receive the treatment. Whether your back is tweaked, wrenched your knee, or strain your shoulder, the physical therapist can help you in treating these medical conditions. 

Myth – Physical Therapy is a painful method

Fact – Physical therapists practice the technique of minimizing pain and body discomfort, including long-term pain. This modern therapy is used for healing and restoring the movement of your body. It is found that people who have never visited a physical therapist think that the method is quite painful. With time, this number of people believing this is automatically decreasing. 

Myth – Physical Therapy is just meant for accidents and injuries

Fact – Physical therapists’ job is much more than strengthening and stretching weak muscles after an injury. They are very skilled in diagnosing potential risks that can lead to some serious injuries. 

Myth – Any health care professional can give physical therapy

Fact – This is a definite myth as only licensed physical therapists can perform physical therapies. There are many therapists who are getting specialized in neurology, sports, orthopedics, women’s health, and others. 

We hope that if you are also having myths related to physical therapy must be demystified here. Do contact RPM Physical Therapy Clinic when you are looking for expert physical therapists. You can also visit our website to find detailed information.