Benefits of Laser Hair Removal For Your Hair Health

Laser hair removal uses laser light to produce heat. That heat is directed toward hair follicles. The heat damages the follicle and hair bulb, reducing or preventing future hair growth. Most people experience full, permanent hair removal after 8-12 treatments. Consider the following benefits as you search for a laser hair removal spa Manhattan.

Smooth Skin

If you aren’t growing hair, your skin will no longer have the bumps and stubble caused by hair growth. In addition, the irritation hair, especially ingrown hair, causes to your skin is eliminated because laser treatments cause your hair to grow straight.


Your laser treatments will be rather short. Because an area the size of a quarter can be treated every second, you can be done in minutes if you have small areas, such as your chin and upper lip, to treat and about an hour for larger areas, such as legs.


The hair pigments absorb the heat from the laser, so the treatments do not damage anything except the hair bulb and follicle. Therefore, you should not experience burning on your skin unless you have makeup or other products that have not been washed off.

Different Lasers

Initially, those with light skin and dark hair were the only ones to see permanent hair removal. While those with coarse, dark hair still experience the best results, new long-wavelength lasers can also remove other types and lighter colored hair. They also work better on darker skin tones. Your technician can choose the most effective and quickest treatment for your hair type, skin tone and treatment area.

Cost and Time

Although your initial cost is somewhat high, $50-300 per treatment session, once your 8-12 sessions are over, you shouldn’t have to pay for another hair removal treatment. In addition, you will save time in the shower or during your morning routine because you will not have to shave or otherwise treat unwanted hair.

Consult a treatment technician or dermatologist for more details about laser hair removal.