CEO Ryan Hoggan and Thoughtful Brands, Inc Poised to Expand Even Further in the CBD Industry

The CBD industry has been booming for the last few years. In fact, U.S. sales of CBD are projected to reach about 1.8 billion dollars by 2022, and the sector expands faster and faster every year. Thoughtful Brands, Inc, and its CEO Ryan Hoggan are growing right along with the CBD sector and are beginning to solidify their position as major players in the CBD and burgeoning psychedelics industry. Backed by Hoggan’s 18 plus years of leadership experience, business development, and entrepreneurship in the health care and health care products fields, Thoughtful Brands continues to thrive and succeed under Hoggan’s leadership.

Thoughtful Brands, Inc and CEO Hoggan Make a Dynamic Team

Thoughtful Brands Inc, formerly known as Mota Ventures, owns remarkably successful farm-to-consumer CBD operations in the U.S., South America, and Europe. Not only do they have a strong foothold in the CBD industry, but they’re also beginning to invest money and time in another health and wellness niche: psychedelics as a treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders. This field is growing almost as rapidly as Thoughtful Brands, and they spent over 85 million dollars just in the first six months of 2020 to research the viability of such treatment methods.

Hoggan and his years of experience have guided Thoughtful Brands from a successful farm-to-consumer CBD retailer and transformed them into one of the market’s most significant companies. In 2014, after a skin cancer scare, Hoggan began researching and using CBD and essential oils, which sparked his interest in the growing niche and has further propelled the CEO and Thoughtful Brands to new heights within the CBD and psychedelics industry.

CEO Hoggan states, looking forward to positioning Mota Ventures as the leader of the CBD movement worldwide and also encouraging more research in natural health products, alternative cannabinoids, and psychedelic derived medicines to treat addictions like opioids and alcohol. It’s clear to see that both Thoughtful Brands and their CEO have a genuine passion for helping people all over the world to overcome their health issues.

CBD and Psychedelic Treatments Research and Development

Hoggan and Thoughtful Brands have expanded their CBD and psychedelics medicine businesses into four different countries. Though they’re based in Vancouver, Thoughtful Brands has beginnings in Colombia, South America. They successfully acquired NNZ Consulting Group, a cannabis producer also located in Colombia. Then, they had another successful acquisition of Colombian company Ihuana SAS, a massive growing operation and a 2,000 sq ft research facility where they continue to make innovations and progress towards CBD and psychedelics medicinal treatments.

CEO Ryan Hoggan has also helped Thoughtful Brands expand into the European market, where they own Verrian Ontario Lt and Unified Funding, both CBD or psychedelic medicine companies. They also own a 100% organic CBD cosmetics and medicinal brand, Satividia, which sells CBD products worldwide. Thoughtful Brands also owns and runs the insanely popular Nature’s Exclusive brand of CBD products for its American operations.

Ryan Hoggan and Thoughtful Brands, Inc Emerging as World Leader in CBD Industry

As Thoughtful Brands continues to expand, Hoggan continues to position the company to help people with all sorts of health care issues, whether it’s anxiety, depression, or even substance abuse. With Hoggan’s two decades of leadership and entrepreneurship experience, Thoughtful Brands continues to thrive, expand, and emerge as a world leader in the CBD and psychedelics industry.