Different Kratom Strains for Pain Relief and Relaxation

Alternative medicine is a growing industry with an expected value of 296 billion USD by 2027.

Alternative medicine prefers the use of plant-based cures as treatments instead of traditional medicines. The best of these includes medicinal plant strains such as kratom. These plants have a long history of medicinal use to treat body pains and other disorders.

If this is your first time diving into the world of different kratom strains and uses, don’t worry. Read our list to find the difference between kratom strains and discover which is the best for you.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a medicinal plant found in Southeast Asia. When brewed or consumed, the plant functions as a relaxant and cure for body pain. This is due to the presence of alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

These alkaloids give kratom amazing therapeutic benefits depending on which alkaloids are present. Mitragynine encourages stimulation and 7-hydroxymitragynine relaxes the body. As the plant grows, its relaxing properties grow and its stimulant properties wane.

Different kratom strains separate based on the color of their veins. A kratom plant can have either red, green, or white veins depending on its age. Each of these veins holds corresponding benefits which we discuss below!

  1. Red Maeng Da

Among kratom, red vein strains are the oldest and most potent relaxants. On top of the red strains sits Red Maeng Da, Maeng Da referring to a high-quality brand. Red Maeng Da is a strain bred to include high amounts of alkaloids in the plant.

Local farmers harvest the plant from the forests of Thailand for its properties. The plant when brewed or taken acts as a powerful stimulant in contrast to other kratom plants. As such, it functions as the best kratom for pain relief.

The plant acts foremost as an analgesic and functions to relieve muscle and joint pain. As a stimulant, the plant functions overtime to increase awareness and productivity. All these factors make Red Maeng Da the primary choice for kratom takers worldwide.

  1. Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is another red strain kratom prized for its properties. The plant is grown in both Thailand and Bali as local medicine. This strain focuses on its relaxing properties to prevent and reduce pain.

Unlike Red Maeng Da, this strain is a strong sedative and relaxant. This makes it optimal for unwinding after a hard day’s work. The plant’s benefits appear best when taken as a cup of brewed tea or eaten with hot water.

Once taken in, the strain functions to reduce chronic pain and throbbing around the body. Furthermore, the plant also serves to prevent addiction to narcotics and opium. These benefits make Red Bali Kratom a strain for relaxation and healing.

  1. Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo acts best as an in-between for Red Bali Kratom and Red Maeng Da. This strain, grown in Borneo, is a mild sedative with pain relief properties. For those who prefer neither stimulant nor sedative, this kratom is for you.

Like other red strains, this acts as an analgesic to soothe muscle pain. When taken, the strain is best for stopping mild pains over time. If taken in small doses, this strain soothes pain, without any noticeable side effects.

  1. Green Maeng Da

Green kratom strains balance both relaxant and stimulant alkaloids due to their harvest time. Green kratom strains appear in the middle of the plant’s life cycle. Mixing both benefits is best exemplified in Green Maeng Da a triumph of Thai agriculture at its finest.

When taken in, Green Maeng Da heightens both pain relief and energy in a person’s body. This results in awareness, coupled with a continued sense of relief. When taken in high doses, this strain produces a euphoric high.

As a balance of kratoms benefits, this strain is best used in everyday situations. For first time takers eager to get into kratom, this is a perfect introduction.

  1. Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay kratom is another green strain created for balancing relaxation and stimulus. Grown in Malaysia, Green Malay Kratom has a high concentration of both alkaloids. This has something to do with the mineral-rich soil found in Malaysia.

When brewed or taken, this strain provides slight pain relief. This mixed with its stimulant properties make for a relaxed and alert individual. Compared to Green Maeng Da, this strain is best for those who want to stay awake.

  1. White Maeng Da

White kratom is kratom harvested at a very young age before maturation compared to red and green strains. This early harvesting results in a strong stimulant found in these strains. While not as strong in pain relief, these strains produce the strongest highs and most energy.

White Maeng Da, grown in Thailand, is the number one white strain available. When taken in, the plant gives energy and awareness. This makes it ideal for people looking for focus and productivity throughout the day.

  1. White Bali Kratom

White Bali Kratom is a cost-effective substitute for the more expensive White Maeng Da. While not as effective in producing highs, this strain is stimulating as well. Raised on the island of Bali, this strain thrives in the jungle climate.

As usual, this strain as a tea keeps consumers alert and aware. A high presence of Mitragynine wakes up the senses and boosts awareness. This makes White Bali Kratom great for those eager to focus on kratom’s stimulant properties.

Choose Between Different Kratom Strains!

Modern medicine isn’t always safe or effective. For those who want tried and true alternatives, kratom has a bright future. Choose between different kratom strains based on your moods and wants. Choose well, and you’ll be able to come out healthy and relaxed.

There are many different strains of kratom for you to enjoy. Find other ways to enjoy kratom now! If you enjoyed reading this guide, come check out some other great content to discover!