Everything you need to know about vaginal injections

Most of the women nearing the age of menopause, think of hot flashes and night sweats. Nonetheless, it is not only your body that undergoes changes but the vagina changes too with thin and dry vaginal walls. This eventually causes a lot of pain during intercourse.

A lot of women prefer getting the water-soluble lubricants but many of them also prefer getting topical estrogen. This local hormonal treatment helps to act as an efficient treatment for menopause. Small amounts of estrogen can eventually help in bringing about significant changes in vaginal health. As a result, a lot of people prefer getting vaginal injections.

Estrogen is injected using an applicator, like those used in yeast infection. Moreover, a lot of people prefer getting tablets for estrogen. According to experts, small amounts of estrogen cream can help in bringing about significant changes in vaginal health. It is recommended to use the cream during night regularly initially and then reduce the usage to once or thrice a week to ensure proper health.

Vaginal Hormone Therapy Benefits

One of the major benefits of vaginal hormone therapy is that it helps in treating menopause. Basically, it addresses the actual issue rather than any other parts. Therefore, it does not bear any significant risks. However, you should be careful with the usage because overdose can eventually lead to stroke and heart diseases. The injections are also aimed at easing sexual issues in women for it helps to enhance the orgasm experience.

The injections directly transfer the estrogen into the target tissue, thereby helping to increase the estrogen products in the body. Nonetheless, in certain cases it increases the risk of endometrial or breast cancer. As a result, you should be careful with the usage for added benefits. Nonetheless, it does not lower the symptoms such as bone loss, night sweats or hot flashes. If you practice a while, it may become easy for you to use vaginal hormone therapy.

Should You Get Vaginal Hormone Therapy?

Most of the healthy women are considered to be eligible for getting the injections. However, if you have a history of estrogen-dependent tumor such as endometrial or breast cancer you may be barred from getting the treatment. If you are using the creams, you should check the ingredients. Therefore, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you should avoid getting the treatment. Women prone to frequent outbreaks of yeast infection should strictly avoid the treatment.

You should prefer seeing an expert gynecologist, before getting the treatment to determine if the vaginal injections are good for your sexual health or not.