Goji Berries: Are They Medicinal?

We are sure that you have heard great wonders about Goji berries. It is often said that Goji berries come from the Himalayas and that one of their main benefits is to combat aging. Nearly miraculous characteristics are often attributed to it, and many people claim to have improved their health, thanks to them. 

Do you usually consume these berries? Are you curious to know a little more about them? Then do not hesitate to read this article to discover all its benefits.

Goji Berries Benefits

Goji berries are a type of dried cherry native to China and Mongolia. However, when it comes to marketing them, the main focus is that they are grown in the Himalayan region.

They are considered an exotic superfood with a sweet and delicate flavor. However, for many centuries, they have been a common and very healthy product among the population of these regions.

What Nutrients Do Goji Berries Give Us?

  • First of all, it is worth noting its high level of antioxidants, especially beta-carotene. Its concentration in these berries is as high as in carrots.
  • They are very rich in vitamin C and minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper and selenium. With only two tablespoons a day, we obtain a good nutritional supplement.
  • They have many amino acids, which makes Goji berries very suitable for the whole family.
  • They have adequate doses of tryptophan, a perfect component to relax.

What Benefits Do They Have For Health?

The main benefits of Goji berries are based, above all, on their high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These can help us in all these dimensions:

  • They improve our immune system
  • They are very suitable for people who have vitamin deficiencies
  • They provide energy and vitality
  • They Relieve joint pain
  • They are suitable for people with diabetes
  • They could improve liver functions
  • Thanks to their high level of antioxidants, they fight the effect of free radicals
  • They improve circulation, according to scientific research
  • Goji berries are diuretic and help cleanse the body, although studies show that the mechanism of action is still unclear
  • They are suitable for treating the effects of menopause, a stage in which nutritional needs are modified. It is advisable to plan the intake of the necessary nutrients with a nutritionist.

In conclusion, to the question of whether Goji berries are healthy, the answer is yes. However, when buying them, go to an organic establishment where they assure you that they have not been treated with pesticides.