Here’s how the pandemic has rehabilitated our guts

The pandemic has resulted in most active people missing out on their regular workout routines and fitness regimens. Lack of physical activity & motivation to get off our feet has hampered our ability to maintain our metabolic fitness and has added a few pounds on the weight scale. A trip to that weighing scale can be a scary one today! What’s the solution to this?

A guided workout is what produces the best results at the gym. When it comes to your workout plans, every person has a unique body, varying metabolism, and overall different needs. A guided workout becomes key to gain benefits. That has become a real challenge during the pandemic. Being indoors, finding an intricately planned workout that works for you is a tricky challenge. Ultrahuman has a comprehensive set of videos of planned and guided workouts to get the best out of each individual. Ultrahuman’s team of expert athletes offers workout plans with well-informed and detailed video content so you can evaluate, learn and get the best out of every workout session. Being at home, a guided set of videos becomes essential to clarify the angles that ensure the maximum effect be it a weight-based or non-weights-related exercise. A workout will never be effective without a set of proper plans put in place. Ultrahuman’s well-documented collection of videos and expert content helps eradicate the fears of an unplanned workout.

Along with all the exercise, an essential part of maintaining personal fitness is getting sound sleep. Although, the truth of the matter is that without a good night’s rest no workout will bear its fruit. Adequate sleep ensures the body functions correctly and that the metabolism works the way it is supposed to. Here are a few tips you can refer, to increase your metabolism today:

  1. Every meal should contain plenty of protein. High protein intake tends to boost metabolism due to several factors, including the high thermic effect.

  2. Engage in an intense workout. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) involves short bursts of extremely intense activity. This eventually impacts your BMR.

  3. A good night’s sleep is essential. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can negatively impact your hunger and appetite hormones. Hence resulting in the decline of metabolism.

  4. Are you skipping breakfast? Do not skip breakfast, since it is considered the most important meal of the day. Our bodies enter starvation mode when we skip meals, and metabolism slows down.

Recently, there is a raised interest in weight loss workout routines, as everyone has been indoors, owing to the pandemic. Ultrahuman is an analytically crafted set of guided weight loss workouts, a bedtime story app, and a music playlist. A perfect blend of the stories, music, and exercise to ensure proper sleep and proper maintaining of the body making it ready to make the most of our guided workouts.

Well planned guided workout for weight loss requires that a lot of pieces fall into place. For the benefit of the person, a good sleep pattern with the dedication to follow the experts of the fitness world; is a good start. For well-planned workouts and weight-loss regimens, Ultrahuman is the place to be.