How Do You Water Your Cannabis With Hand? 

Cannabis and marijuana growers undergo an ocean of doubts before starting to seed the plant. Everything that the plant need has to be provided in a smart way. This applies to both the indoor as well as outdoor growers. Let us talk about the basic thing, watering your marijuana plant. There is nothing to exaggerate about, and there is nothing to fret about watering your plant. However, the bad watering will affect the harvest for sure but when you pay attention to a few details and when you know the right way to water your plants, your life is going to be easier.

There are a few factors that will determine the way you should water your plants. Let us discuss those factors here:


Whether you are growing your cannabis outdoors or indoors, climate is a fundamental factor to determine the kind of watering style you must pick. The climate and the environment of the indoor area must always be under controlled conditions. Heavy rainfall, and extreme cold conditions may deter the growth of the plant leading to the development of fungi and pests. In Indoors, the impact may be lower, but the results are quite alike.

You should adapt to the condition and water your plant accordingly.

Pot Size and the amount of substrate

Your pot size has a direct effect on the amount of substrate needed. The larger the pot, the more the water would be needed to keep your plant alive. However, the young plants less than 1-3 weeks of age are grown in large pots and need very little water. Ensure that you keep a watering schedule to once a week tops, depending upon the region’s climate. As the plants will grow, so will the water and nutrients requirement.

Plant Size

This point is quite understood on its own. Smaller plants will need little water and on the other hand, the large plants will have significant water needs. Again, we need to apply our minds and act rationally. The climate affects the plants in a specific way and thus, the water needs of each plant will be different as well. All in all, you must avoid water saturation as it can ruin the roots.


Rooting means the lineage of development. Most of the quality cannabis seeds follow a linear growth and they grow homogenously throughout different stages. If your plant is grown from a seed with different genetics, the growth pattern would vary. The water needs would thus vary accordingly.

Keep these factors in mind after you buy American seeds online. We hope that the information above would help you a long way in enjoying your yields.