How Much Does A Facelift Cost?

Plastic surgeons perform facelifts to address sagging of the jowls, extra skin, and a generally aged look. The cost of plastic surgery varies based on many factors. A few of these factors include the experience of your surgeon, type of procedure, anesthesia choice, and even your geographic location. As one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the United States, patients often inquire about the price of a facelift. A common question during a facelift consultation is, “How much does a facelift cost?”

Dr. Craig Jonov at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is a plastic surgeon with years of experience in facelift surgery. He is among one of Bellevue’s top plastic surgeons and uses minimally invasive techniques to limit scarring and trauma for better results. Dr. Jonov provides the best facelift Bellevue provides.

How much does a facelift with Dr. Jonov cost? Let’s explore some of the factors that can influence the cost of a facelift in Bellevue.

Mini, Standard, Or Extended Facelift

The main determinant of the price of a facelift is the extent of the facelift you need. In general, there are three types of facelift: mini, standard, and extended. Dr. Jonov can determine the type of facelift you need during a consultation at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery. 

A mini facelift is the least extensive facelift. It is typically performed on slightly younger patients who need only minor skin removal or correction. In these cases, the incision is smaller and often completely concealed behind the ear. A mini facelift may or may not address the muscle structure, depending on the patient’s needs. The cost of a mini facelift with Dr. Jonov starts at around $7,995.

A standard, or full, facelift is the most common facelift procedure. It involves removing saggy, extra skin from the jowls, tightening the underlying muscles and skin, and can provide correction up to the midface. It is a more extensive procedure with incisions sometimes in front of the ear. Generally, Dr. Jonov is able to hide them well within the natural contours of the face and ear. A standard facelift at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery starts at $9,995.

An extended facelift provides the most correction of any facelift surgery. While it involves the largest incision of the three procedures, it also carries the most dramatic results. An extended facelift may provide correction to the entire lower face, neck, and midface. Like a standard facelift, it will also address the underlying muscle structures. An extended facelift is also more customized based on the patient’s anatomy since it can address multiple facial structures like the neck and midface. In some cases, an extended facelift may address one over the other. The price of an extended facelift with Dr. Jonov starts at $14,995.

Other Considerations

Within the plastic surgery world in general, there are various influences on the cost of a facelift. Other than the type of facelift, the experience of your surgeon may impact the price. A facelift by an experienced plastic surgeon will cost more than one with less experience most of the time. This is something you should consider when choosing your surgeon. 

Additionally, plastic surgery costs less in certain locales than in others. This is why many people may travel to other states or countries to undergo plastic surgery. Generally, it is not recommended that you travel outside of the US for your facelift. Even in the United States, you will find places where facelifts cost less.

Finally, there are specifics of your surgery that may impact the price. For example, if you want Dr. Jonov to place a chin implant during surgery, if you need particularly extensive surgery, or other similar considerations, this may increase the cost of a facelift. 

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