How to keep your vaping pen secure?

Although there are many ways to consume cannabis or marijuana but vaping is one of the simplest and easiest ways. It is because for that you don’t need have to do any preparation, you can directly pour your favorite juice in your device and can vape it  without any problem. But for the enjoyable experience you have to select the appropriate vaping device and need to take care of that. If you are buying a new one then it is important to visit the reputed store in your nearby market or select the best online store like slickvapes pens and get your desired one from there. To keep your pen in a good condition, go through some tips given below.

Maintenance tips for vaping pen

Keep your device correctly

Always treat your electronic vaping pen like other gadgets and be careful while using it. Don’t try to twist or pop it again and again, also try to avoid the jerks. It is because if the liquid somehow reaches the battery then it can get damaged due to short circuit. Moreover, always keep your pen away from water or other liquids. The important thing if you are not using the pen then try to keep it upright as much as possible. This helps in preventing the juice to reach the battery and keeps your pen safe.

Take care of your battery

If you are unable to take care of your battery then it will automatically reduce its life as well as functionality. To avoid such condition, always monitor your pen while charging and remove the charger as soon as it gets fully charged. In addition, don’t let your battery run down and always try to keep small amount of charge in it. The most important thing is to never use the device or the pen while it’s getting charged because it will not allow it to get fully charged and due to overcharging, it will heat the battery.

Keep your liquid capsule in a well-mannered way

The first thing you have to do if you want to have an enjoyable experience is to always keep your liquid capsule away from children and pets. In addition always try to keep it in a cool dark place and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight. It is because if your capsule or cartridge gets exposed to sunlight or heat it will automatically affect the flavor of your juice. Moreover, try to clean your cartridges after every use, this will not only help in giving you maximum satisfaction while vaping but also enhance its life.

Avoid overfilling or spills

In most of the pens. the level of juice is pre-determined by the manufacturer, but if in your pen it is not mentioned then fill it to the level of the heating portion. It is because if you overfill the capsule then there is a maximum changes of spill. If the liquid reaches your battery then it will damage it without giving any waring. Moreover, it also allows the space for air in the capsule that help in giving extra satisfaction.