Matthew Davies Looks at How to Plan a New Diet


Maintaining a diet plan is not easy, let alone planning a new diet. Moving to another diet plan is like taking a leap of faith. It takes courage to bring change into your life. In this article, Matthew Davies will guide you through the whole process of planning for a new diet so that you don’t lose your footing halfway.

The Ways

Here are some ways you can plan a new diet –

  1. Be realistic about your goals – Facing reality sucks. It’s never what we want it to be and is a constant struggle to keep up with. Although eating a healthy diet may improve your health, it won’t happen overnight. Change takes time and patience. Push it too hard and you’ll never reach your goals. 

Setting up realistic goals is crucial as it prevents you from chasing unexpected results in impossible time frames and inevitably getting discouraged because of your inability to achieve said results.  Realistic expectations ensure and promote a healthy lifestyle which should be your top priority. 

  1. Keep away from unhealthy foods – We live in an era where junk food is readily available. The temptation is everywhere. Try to avoid eating such food as much as possible. You can’t just walk up to a shop and ask them to drop dead, that’s impossible. Instead, limit the consumption of fast food. Eliminate all sources of junk food from your home so that you’re not tempted in any way.

If you desire to eat a cake or two, or some pizza, tie it to special events, such as birthdays, weekends, or when you’ve achieved something significant. The point is to have some semblance of control on the kind of food you consume.  

  1. Don’t lose your motivation – Motivation is the single greatest force a human can possess. Everything we do is out of a motivation for achieving something. When taking up a new healthy diet, make a note of the goals and processes that lead to this decision. Introspect on the decisions and keep reminding yourself of the bigger picture.
  2. Talk it over with your physician – Google is a wonderful thing but since your life will be affected by the food choices you make; we advise you to consult a certified doctor before proceeding with a decision. 

You may have underlying health conditions, some of which might not respond well to a new diet. Therefore, it is imperative to consult with a nutritionist or physician so that you can make a diet plan that best suits your physiology. 

They can suggest nutrition programs and give you the proper knowledge necessary for creating a diet plan and also guide you through the weight loss program as well. 

  1. Don’t get tempted by fad diets – By entering the weight loss scene, it is natural to lose yourself to the charms of fad diets. Great results in minimal time. Who doesn’t want that? However, these diets aren’t viable for the long term. They can cause you more harm than good because they are exclusive to specific individuals and might not bode well with your physique.


Not everyone can master the art of mindful eating. The temptation is too strong in some cases. These are just a few tips to help get started on the right path. According to Matthew Davies, to make the most out of life, you must know yourself and what you want and plan your life accordingly.