Simple Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

Maintaining youthful skin takes a lot of effort. You must make changes to your daily routine and be consistent. Even though it is wise to pursue Manhattan dermatology, consider making simple changes in your lifestyle. Manhattan has some of the best dermatologists in New York you can easily find help if you need it. Some of the most significant changes to make include:

1.      Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every time you go out is no longer enough. Consider incorporating it into your diet as well. Some foods can increase lycopene, which is your skin’s natural SPF. It is rich in vegetables, oranges, and tomatoes. Lycopene can increase your sun protection by up to 33%. The flavonoids in dark chocolate can protect you from sunburns.

2.      Gentle Face Wash

Even though cleansing your skin is essential, you should ensure that your face wash is not too harsh. Even when you have acne or any other skin problems, harsh cleansers could dry your skin out or increase sensitivity. Aggressive scrubbing irritates your skin and makes you age faster. 

3.      Diet Changes

What you eat determines the appearance of your skin. Consuming lots of sugar could speed up the glycation process, which promotes aging. Glycation is when the excess glucose from your blood attaches to your skin’s ‘youth proteins.’ It makes them stiff, causing you to look older. Consider replacing your sugar-rich foods with healthier options like dark berries and green juices.

Limit your consumption of foods and drinks that could cause dehydration. This includes alcohol, salty snacks, and fried foods.

Increase your intake of proteins and legumes as they help your body build collagen. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C may also promote the production of collagen. 

4.      Don’t Go to Bed with Your Makeup

Always remove your makeup before going to bed. It clogs and stretches your pores leading to collagen breakdown. Use a gentle cleanser and rinse your face every night.

5.      Exercise

Regular exercise not only makes you feel good but also helps you retain a youthful look. It triggers the production of the compound IL15, which can prevent cell death. Regular exercise can make you look decades younger. 

6.      Supplements

Omega-3 supplements could slow down the aging process. Omega-3 is present in salmon. It keeps your skin moist and delays the development of wrinkles. If you have adult acne, the supplements may reduce inflammation. 

7.      Weekly Exfoliation

Exfoliate your skin every week to keep it smooth and vibrant. The human skin regularly sheds dead cells. It creates a new layer every 28 days or so. If the process slows down, you may have skin that looks dull and rough. Weekly exfoliation brightens your skin and improves its appearance. Use round-particle scrubs as they are less irritating.

In conclusion, simple changes can help you attain youthful and vibrant skin. Some of the most important things to bear in mind include weekly exfoliation, exercise, diet changes, and taking off makeup before you go to bed. If you have any questions, consider seeking help from your aesthetician.