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Tips to Keeping Clean Hands

Even before the pandemic, keeping your hands clean was an important part of everyday health practices. But with flu season coming up and the risk of catching a virus even greater, clean hands seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Most people know the basics of hand hygiene, but there are some extra tips and tricks you can employ to make sure you maintain germ-free hands all day.


We all know to wash our hands after using the restroom, but that’s not the only time we should be thinking about lathering up. Before and after cooking, after changing a diaper, after petting or handling animals, or after taking out the trash are just a few instances of other situations that require hand washing. You should use soap and warm water, then dry your hands well when you’re finished. Germs can actually be transmitted more easily from wet skin, so make sure you get all the excess moisture off when you’re done washing.

Healthy Habits

Odds are you touch your face hundreds of times a day and don’t even realize it. This is how germs are typically spread from your head into your body because they can sneak in through your eyes, nose, and mouth. Focusing on keeping your hands away from your face during the day or washing them before you do can go a long way to keeping you well. Additionally, think of all the things in your home you touch daily but never think to clean: cell phone, television remote, laptop, etc. It’s good practice to start wiping down these items regularly to clear away any germs that may be living on their surfaces and getting stuck to your fingers and hands. 

Clean hands are incredibly important and you can take control of your health by using these simple hygiene methods.