Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your gums or teeth while trying to enjoy your ice cream or anything cold or hot? If yes, then you suffer from sensitivity. In sensitivity, the teeth become sensitive to extreme temperature like hot or cold. Consult your Dentist in Caledon if you have been suffering from sensitivity for a while, as it can refrain you from enjoying the food and drinks that you like.

What causes sensitivity?

Stimulation of cells which are located in the dentin, which is the layer under your tooth enamel which can be exposed through wear and tear or dental maladies, causes Dentin hypersensitivity. While consuming hot or cold beverages or food, it touches your teeth which exposes them to the cold air which causes the sensation of pain. 

What can be done if you are suffering from sensitivity?

f your teeth have been sensitive to hot or cold, then the first thing that you should do is book a diagnostic evaluation appointment for yourself to check whether you suffer from any more serious problems like cavity or abscess. In case you do suffer from a severe case of dentin hypersensitivity then the dentist may have to seal the sensitive area. If you suffer from less severe sensitivity then the doctor will prescribe a special fluoride gel or tell you to use of the over the counter toothpaste which is especially for sensitive teeth as they contain potassium nitrate or strontium.

In case you have been experiencing pain while consuming either hot or cold food or beverages, then you needn’t worry. All you have to do is book your appointment for a consultation and you will be able to eat ice cream in no time.