Why London Is The Best Destination For Cosmetic Surgery 

London is an expensive destination for cosmetic surgery but the city has some of the with extremely good facilities. It is a fact that the cream of cosmetic surgery talents can be found in London along Harley Street, Knightsbridge, and Chelsea. The facilities are at par with cosmetic surgery clinics in Paris, Rome and Los Angeles.  

Where to find the best cosmetic surgeons in London

  1. Anybody who is making a review of the best facelift surgeons in Europe is certainly familiar with Rajiv Grover, the former president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAPP). Dr. Grover is currently a consultant at London’s King Edward VII Hospital that has the Royal Family among its clients. Dr. Grover is an established and experienced plastic surgeon that always provides his patient with an honest opinion on the suitability for cosmetic surgery. 
  2. In the heart of St. John Wood, London, you will find Karidis Cosmetic Surgery Clinic that has one of the very best facilities to serve every client’s needs. The clinic offers a special bridal package that includes wrinkle smoothing and ultherapy. 
  3. At the center of Chelsea, London is the Cadogan Clinic that offers the most advanced technologies and precise surgical techniques for patients that require liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, breast lift, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, forehead lift, and many other cosmetic surgeries. 
  4. Harley St. Aesthetics is becoming the go-to clinic for those who require plastic surgery with natural-looking results. The clinic boasts of the presence of Dr. Dirk Kremer, a German board-certified plastic surgeon with a progressive approach to plastic surgery. 
  5. Three of the finest and most experienced plastic surgeons can be found at The Plastic Surgery Group at Harley Street. Surgeries are carried out at hospitals in Central London to give you confidence during the procedure. 
  6. Aesthetics London UK is proud of Mary Duckett whose expertise in non-intrusive cosmetic treatments like Botox and Dermal fillers is widely known in Europe. Dr. Duckett is the best choice if you want cosmetic enhancement without surgery. 
  7. At Frati Cosmetic Surgery London, you can have a facelift or mummy makeover under the expert hands of Dr. Riccardo Frati. He is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in UK whose pioneering work and cutting-edge techniques have been featured by different news agencies. 
  8. Dr. Bashar Bizrah clinic has gained a good reputation in facial surgery. Dr. Bizrah specializes in rhinoplasty (nose shaping) and eye surgery to remove bags under the eyes. 

There are other cosmetic surgeons in the UK that you can choose from for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgeons often work with a team of leading medical professionals to ensure your safety and the success of the cosmetic procedure. The cosmetic procedures may be more expensive but they are definitely worth the price you will pay.