3 Alternative Christmas Gifts for Your Loved One

Gifts ideas can be hard to come by when you’ve been married for 15 years. The same holds true when you’re searching for something special to give to the person who has “everything”. In such cases as these, a person has to think outside the box. Oftentimes, the best gift isn’t a physical object but an experience to remember. Following you’ll find three experiences to give your loved one for Christmas gifts, birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day.

MASSAGE: Give the gift of touch and relieve the aches and pains that have been plaguing them for years. For the person who is stressed at work or has more time for everyone else other than themselves, a massage is just the kind of self-care they need. Allow them to relax under the skillful touch of a certified massage therapist for an hour, 90 minutes, or even a two-hour massage. Some companies even offer a “four-hand” massage, giving the ultimate relaxation to your special one. Another suggestion when it comes to massage therapists is a facial combined with neck massage. This is perfect for the newbie who isn’t quite ready to let themselves go to a full massage yet. For an old hand at massages, add the hot stone treatment to the mix or sign them up for a massage a month club.

CONCERT: While you may be thinking a Maroon 5 concert might not be exactly what your mom would like this year, it’s likely she would like a reunion tour of her favorite band from the 60s or a chamber music concert at the local downtown venue. Music concerts come in all styles and locations. It could be a concert on the local green where the two of you share a picnic dinner as you listen to the tunes from days gone by. Or, it could be a dress up in your finest and go to the symphony type of gift. Either way, the memories made will be treasured for years to come.

THEATER: Much like going to a concert, not all theater experiences are the same. It could be a season ticket to the downtown theater for the two of you, making it an on-going gift and commitment to spend time together. Combine that with a dinner out and you’ve got date night for the rest of the year. Another theater option is to go to a local playhouse in town or in a surrounding suburb. The talent found in locations like this can be phenomenal and it’s not as “dressy” as a big night at the larger theaters. For Christmas time theater options, local playhouses are a great choice, offering “A Christmas Carol”, “Christmas Canteens”, and even “Annie” as a selection.

To find the gift your partner or loved one is going to love and talk of for years to come, think outside the jewelry box. Taking them to a theme park, spending time helping them around the house or taking them to get a massage could be the best gift they never thought of.