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5 Things to Expect to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth aren’t a problem for many of us. Since they are not easily visible on a naked eye, most of us are actually oblivious of their presence. However, when they present all sorts of chaos in your mouth, you should have them surgically removed. Wisdom teeth removal has been done for centuries but for some reason, the procedure is still nerve-racking for most people. If you fit the description, rest easy. We will tell you what to expect during the procedure.

Why Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted, In The First Place?

Wisdom teeth, also referred to as third molars, are an extra set of teeth that erupt in the mouth after all the rest have shot up. Often, they appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people develop the back molars but some don’t at all.

Impacted wisdom teeth are those that lack enough room to develop in the mouth. Typically, these would partially erupt or not at all. Impacted wisdom teeth may grow at an angle in the direction of the back of your mouth or a second molar. Others grow at a perpendicular angle to other teeth while others shoot straight up or down but remain trapped in the jawbone. These situations bring a host of problems including pain, tooth decay, gum disease, trapped food, orthodontic treatment complications. Please visit to know more

What to Expect During a Wisdom Removal Procedure?

  1. An Exam

Before digging into your jawbone, your dentist will want to have a closer look at the state of things in the jaw. Typically, they will do an x-ray to get the position of your wisdom teeth. This helps them know the best approach for successful removal.

  1. You Will Be Sedated

Whether it is a local or general anesthesia, you will be sedated before the surgical procedure. The former takes a short period to wear off while the latter needs a long time to leave your system. Be sure to ask your dentist the type of sedation used. Either way, wisdom teeth removal is an outpatient surgery.

  1. The Procedure At A Glance

Thanks to sedation, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. The dentist will only perform the procedure after your pain reception has been nulled. Basically, they will use specialized tools to loosen and detach connective tissue around your teeth than pull them out. In other instances, the teeth are divided to make extraction easier.

  1. The Mouth Regains Feeling Slowly After The Procedure

Once you wake up in a dental chair or the recovery room, your mouth will likely be numb. Don’t worry – it won’t be long before you regain feeling. You will have some blood in your mouth up to 24 hours after the surgery as well.

  1. Recovery Depends On Every Individual

After the procedure, the healing process will take its natural course. Depending on your sedation level, you may experience a froggy feeling and may need help getting home. Else, you may wake up to close to the normal version of yourself. In general, don’t be surprised if your face appears bee-stung for a few days. Pain and swelling are pretty normal after the process.

Wisdom teeth removal is a straightforward process. If you are booked for one soon, get your good night’s sleep knowing you will be well taken care of.