Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder – A Brief Insight

If there is one condition, which would affect all of use, in some stage of your life; it is anxiety. Anxiety is a mental condition, where you are thrown out of your comfort zone and you find yourself in a state of absolute chaos and disarray. If you haven’t yet experienced anxiety at the advanced level, then you should consider yourself to be lucky. It can be an unbearable situation, which can trigger many self destructing activities. However, good news is that there are ways to come out of this situation. These days, medical science can help you recover completely and lead a normal and healthy life; without the fear or paranoia of the unknown. These days, there are many advanced means and methods are available, when it comes to treating anxiety disorder.

What is Anxiety Disorder?

This is another form of anxiety where you would be worrying excessively and constantly with any reason. Besides, you would also feel apprehensive in socializing, as you are living under a constant fear of being judged by others. In such a condition, you would get flashbacks from your unpleasant past memories and experiences. This is a stage, when you would experience frequent and regular panic attacks.

It is quite evident that those who suffer from such a condition, leads and absolute horrific life. These people are at the verge of self destruction. The signs of suicidal tendency are quite prevalent in these people.

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

There are a few telling signs of anxiety disorders, which would confirm that you are suffering from such a condition. Here is a brief insight into them

  • You would experience heavy breathing, along with increased heart rate.
  • The muscles in your body would be tensed
  • You will be experiencing a tightening sensation on your chest
  • Feeling restless, with growing and unsubstantiated worries are very common symptoms as far as anxiety disorder is concerned.
  • Exhibiting compulsive behavior is another major symptom of anxiety disorder.

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

There are various reasons which can anxiety disorders in people. Here are some of them

  • Stressful Events: Any event which has resulted in major stress can lead to anxiety disorder
  • Family History: Those who have a family history of mental illness, are more vulnerable and prone to this condition.
  • Health Issues: Studies have revealed that different types of health issues like diabetes, asthma, thyroid can lead to anxiety. Those who are suffering from depression can also exhibit signs of anxiety.
  • Personality Factors: At times, people with different personality traits, like controlling, perfectionists can develop signs if anxiety disorder.

Like any other mental issue, anxiety is also a very complex matter, If you have developed anxiety disorder and you want to  get out of this condition, in that case, visiting an expert is the best option available to you. They have the professional skills and expertise to help you come out this condition and ensure that you got back to your normal life.