Detox the full form of which is detoxification. The process to just get free from alcohol or drugs starts with detoxification.

Suppose a person is all addicted to alcohol and drugs.He/she is daily wasting his/her time due to this addiction. They are getting depressed. They want to leave the addiction, but now they are not able to leave it. So all they need is to get rid of this addiction, and its first step is detox.


In detoxification, they clear the body from the toxic substances. The person is generally normal for the first 24 hours, but after that, he wants the drug or alcohol. So this craving is very dangerous, and this leads to headaches, anger, etc. The first sign that happens is the person is not able to sleep. The person will suffer from depression, and all these are very dangerous.

But after some time these effects will slowly decrease, and the person will feel good. The time period varies from person to person.

But during this period, the person needs special care of rehab and proper consultation.

The detox can be either inpatient detox or outpatient detox.

In inpatient detox, the person lives at the place where he/she will be properly examined. This type of detox is the safest as in this; the person is under proper examination.

 During the initial time of the treatment, the person suffers from many problems. During the initial time, the person can get in depression, can get angry, and can even hallucinate. This can lead to danger also.

In outpatient detox, the person lives at his/her own place, but the person is under treatment of the doctor. This type of detox process is a risky one as no one is there with you all the time.

You can’t detox on your own as it is very risky as I said you could even hallucinate, and due to this, you can even harm yourself.


As we can say, detox and rehab is also a treatment, not a cure. So you have to take care of yourself very cautiously. You have to change your lifestyle; you have to change your setting so that you will not fall into that trap again. You should stay in contact with the doctors always as this will help you to stay healthy and to live a happy and addiction-free life.