Diet vs exercise for weight loss: which one is better? 

What are the different ways you can lose weight? Well, there are many different solutions like diet, exercise or the skinny jab. So let’s talk about diet vs exercise – which is the most important when it comes to losing weight? 

It can seem easiest to pick just one of the two and run with that. And it’s easy to justify. We’ve all said it to ourselves…if I exercise, I can eat anything I want…if I eat healthy, I don’t need to exercise…

it’s obvious both play a significant part in good health, but are they both equally as efficient for losing weight?

Let’s start with exercise. Is the old phrase “you can’t outrun a bad diet” really true? 

In some ways, yes – a bad diet is going to be detrimental if you’re trying to lose weight – but exercise isn’t necessarily the best option for losing weight anyway. 

It obviously has massive health benefits – it kicks your metabolism into gear, which helps burn calories throughout the day, it improves blood pressure, it can help fight depression, anxiety, and a multitude of other health issues. It keeps you leaner and more toned, but the fact is that exercise can make you gain weight – building muscle mass is a mostly unavoidable outcome of exercise. It’s important to not coflate weight-loss with health – take some time to fully understand exactly what you want – a healthier body, or to lose weight.

Now let’s talk about diet. Is the old phrase, “You are what you eat” really true?

It can be argued that your diet plays a bigger part in helping you lose weight. It can be easy to fall back onto bad habits when it comes to food…your favourite take-away, pre-packaged ready meals, chocolate…

But if you’re serious about losing weight, diet is instrumental in helping you achieve the figure you desire.

People often mistake dieting for restricting the amount of food they eat. However, less isn’t necessarily best. You don’t have to settle for a limited intake of food, just better food. 

You can still enjoy calorie and nutrient-dense meals if you just incorporate healthier choices. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, chicken, grains, nuts, legumes…all affordable and healthy – and extremely versatile when it comes to experimenting with new, exciting recipes. 

Remember, not all calories are comparable. Calories from sugar, for example, are stored as fat, but calories from foods with healthy fats and protein can help you feel full for longer. 

In fact, creating a healthy eating plan for yourself can pay off in spades when it comes to keeping a trimmer figure. Before you hit the supermarket, sit down and plan your meals. It’ll save you money and you’ll be less likely to splurge on the wrong calories whilst you shop.

For a leaner, healthier body, the reality is that a combination of both diet and exercise is always going to be the best solution. Amp up your daily exercise by going on a quick walk, and make sure to grab a piece of fresh fruit when you want a snack. It’s always best when starting a new exercise or dieting, to take things slowly and build up to it –  you’ll be much more likely to maintain your new regime and keep yourself healthy for good. 

The truth is that while certain foods and nutrients have been shown to have positive effects on mood, your overall dietary pattern is most important. Eating well and feeling good and having more energy will improve your holistic health and boost your mood. You can also take a help of these pregnancy meal plan app to track your diet record.