Different couples massages in Tustin, CA

A couples massage is one of the most popular services at spas in Tustin, CA. Sometimes called a duet massage or a duo massage, a couples massage is where 2 people are massaged in the same room at the same time, by 2 different massage therapists. 

The couple can be a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, best friends, moms, and daughters, etc. 

Benefits of a Couple Massage

This kind of massage is a great choice when lovers are in the early stage or romance and simply cannot bear to be apart. Most couple massage treatments in Tustin, CA are specially designed with romance in mind— a bottle of Champagne, rose-petal-filled tubs, and lounging time after the treatment. 

For the non-romantic type of couples massage, you simply get the same treatment at the same time. This is applicable for best friends and parent-child bonding and is a nice way to introduce a friend or family who has never tried a spa massage before in a way which makes them feel comfortable. 

The most common setting of a couples massage is in a single room with 2 tables as they get a massaged side by side. However, some spas in Tustin offers separate suites with a view, so you can snore as loud as you want or don’t have to worry about talking with your partner as you enjoy your massage— giving you the perfect harmony. 

Different Couples Massages

With a couples massage, you can choose which kind of massage you would like to receive. You and your partner can each get a different kind of massage depending on your preference and the offerings of the spa. 

Some of the most common massage types include:


  • Swedish Massage


The most basic and common type of massage, a Swedish massage includes long and fluid stroke on the muscles and tissues. Pressure can be firm to light, offering a relaxing and pain-easing session.


  • Hot Stone Massage


With a hot stone massage, the therapist uses hot stones to massage the body. The heat helps in alleviating pain and tension in your body so that your muscles are invigorated and work more effectively. 


  • Hand and Foot Massage


You can also sit back and relax as a therapist perform Chinese techniques to massage your hand and foot, relieving pain and tension caused by overwork or arthritis. 

Additional Services

In addition to getting the massage you prefer, a couples massage also sometimes provides you with access to saunas, hot tubs, and other facilities. Other treatments included can be facials, pedicures and even body scrubs and wraps which are sometimes offered by the spa as part of a package.