Easy Tips to Handle Peptides and How to Store Them

Peptides are naturally occurring elements in living organisms that a play pivotal role in performance of all biological activities. Peptide contains mainly amino acids in lesser proportion than proteins. They can be even termed as building blocks of protein. Sometimes in a person the percentage of natural peptides in the body is low. Peptides therapy is prescribed for them to maintain general health and improve their body functions. 

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Having versatile benefits, there is a large demand for lab made peptides worldwide. Hence, the peptides are packed and shipped to many regions. The peptides aren’t easy to handle for transportation as there are chances of mishandling. This may lead to oxidation because of exposure to open air. 

Simple facts to note for storing different kinds of peptides like Lyophilized:

The stability of peptide differs due to varied reasons. You can maintain the quality of Lyophilized peptides for many years by preventing them being exposed to direct bright lights. Moreover, they need be stored at -20 degree Celsius. Temperature drops below it may result in degradation of the beneficial value of the peptides.

Some suppliers do keep Lyophilized at room temperature for few weeks. However, for short term storing peptides can be kept at 4 degree Celsius. Dry environment is most suitable to store synthetic peptides as they can absorb moisture. 

Storing peptides in solution: 

Many peptides solution having sequence like Cys, Met, Trp, Asp, Gin and many more doesn’t sustain for long years. They can easily be affected by bacterial degradation. Many manufacturers use sterile buffers at pH5-6 to dissolve peptides in the solution. Further the solution is divided into aliquots subjected to -20degree Celsius. Bacterial negative intrusion can be avoided by passing through filters. 

For storing purpose usually peptides are sealed in polypropylene tubes that are air tight. Moreover, solution based peptides are opened only after enveloping with inert gases like argon or nitrogen to prevent oxidation and absorption of moisture. 

Handling of peptides need to be done quite carefully as they are toxic. It can harm the person handling it, thus need to use it properly. 

Here are few guidelines:

  • Whenever there is a need to handle the peptides, the person must wear mask, gloves and use safety glasses to protect eyes. 
  • The peptide vial needs to be at room temperature before opening its seal.
  • Be prepared with the measuring equipment to remove the required quantity and reseal the vial or tube quickly. 
  • Immediately need to store the remaining peptides in deep freezer below -20 degree Celsius. 

Proper storing and handling of peptides enhances its long life span and safeguard its advantageous qualities.