Easy ways to keep your allergies at bay this season

If you’re sniffing and sneezing and feeling groggy and gross, it’s probably your allergies. Close to 50 million Americans are affected by allergies — meaning that one in five of the people you know are probably facing the same sniffing, sneezing, itchy eye symptoms as you. Waking up to these bothersome sick-like feelings can be a real pain, but there’s hope! You don’t have to suffer in sneezy silence. This allergy season you can keep your symptoms at bay a few easy ways.

The first way to take control of your allergies is through vitamins. We suggest Major Allergy Tablets, which can control your symptoms for four to six hours. These tablets are made with chlorpheniramine maleate, an antihistamine that will treat your runny nose, sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, and itchy nose and throat. By taking a vitamin like this one, you’ll be able to carry on with your day as though you’ve never been sick before! Plus, it comes in a 1000 tablet bottle — so you’ll be able to use it all season long and be taking far less trips to the pharmacy.

Another way to control your allergies is by looking at what you eat. Some foods might be delicious, but they’re full of toxins that are actually doing more harm to your body than good. When your body has to deal with those toxins and all the on-set inflammation it causes, it can’t focus on helping you deal with your allergies. While it might be hard at first, we recommend looking into cutting out sugary fried foods and alcohol until your allergies pass. That chocolate cake and hearty glass of wine will always be there for you when they stop!

Our final recommendation is to stay inside. Yes, we’re actually recommending that you make an excuse to stay indoors and cancel all your plans! Sometimes pollen counts can be too much for allergy sufferers to handle, even if they’re just doing something as simple as running to get groceries or taking a short walk through their favorite outdoor mall. When pollen counts are high, make a plan to stay inside with your favorite binge-watch show and cozy blanket. You might even want to look into getting high-quality air filters for your home, that way pollen won’t follow you inside!

So next time you feel that itch in your throat coming back or realize that you’re going through tissues at a ridiculous rate, recognize that your allergies are on their way and that you are totally in control. You don’t have to suffer through sniffling and sneezing — there’s plenty of ways to control and curb your symptoms!