Eating after bariatric surgery: post-bariatric surgery diet

If you select bariatric surgery to lose weight, sure, you are wondering about your diet like what you should eat after the procedure. The same thing clicks in many people’s minds, but the answer is here. After the surgery, you can’t take one type of meal. You need to eat a different meal on different days. You need to follow many diet phases after bariatric surgery that includes various types of food in different forms. During your stomach recovery, you should introduce it with a new food and diet plan. Here you will read the post-bariatric surgery diets plan that you need to follow after surgery.

Take liquid diet:

You can start taking a clear liquid diet when you are in the hospital; it means you can take liquid diet after 24 hours of surgery. The first goal of the liquid diet is to keep hydrated and also avoid irritants to your stomach. You can take a clear liquid diet, including- water, broth, and sugar-free gelatin.

Full liquid diet:

These are other things that you should include in your post-bariatric surgery diets. You can move towards a full liquid diet after one to three days of your surgery. In this liquid diet, you need to take enough protein because it is essential to take after surgery. Protein helps to make and manage muscle mass and supply energy. You can take the milk and its product, protein shake, etc.

Soft diet:

After a liquid diet, you need to introduce your stomach with solid food. You can prefer a soft diet after three or four weeks of surgery. The nutrient and protein are important after surgery so you can take eggs, chicken salad, tuna with low-fat mayo, hummus, etc. While you take a soft diet, you can also take a protein shake. After surgery, you need to take protein in every food continuously for five to six weeks. You can take vegetables, fruits, and grains as well.

Regular diet:

After six to seven weeks of surgery, you will start your daily and post-bariatric surgery diets. You should still take protein with meals along with vegetables and fibrous fruits. Fresh vegetables with grain and chapati, with salad, are the best food that will help to recover fast.

Due to many foods and drinks, people face reactions, so you should avoid it. However, you can also avoid caffeine because it irritates the stomach after surgery. That’s all we have for today.

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