Eight Things You Didn’t Know About CBD Edibles

Know About CBD Edibles

CBD Oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular products available on the market today. Over the past decade, consumers have flocked to hemp-derived CBD, using it for its myriad of potential benefits. It is one of the primary cannabinoids that are naturally produced by the hemp plant. Moreover, unlike THC, the most famous cannabinoid of the past 50 years, CBD does not make a euphoric or psychotropic “high.” Instead, CBD oil has a much more therapeutic effect, benefitting your overall well-being.

CBD can become a part of your daily routine in a variety of different ways. One of the most popular methods is through the consumption of CBD-infused edibles. CBD edibles are the perfect option for anyone wishing to avoid the harshness that is sometimes associated with vaping cannabidiol or the clumsiness that comes with using CBD oil.

To give you a run-down on why these products have become so popular, and why they’re such a great way to administer your daily dose of CBD, we’ve put together a list of some of the excellent benefits of CBD edibles. So grab some CBD Gummies, and prepare to learn how these fantastic products can benefit you.

CBD Edibles Last Longer

CBD-infused edibles offer users many benefits, especially when compared to products like CBD oil or CBD vape oil. While it does take longer for CBD edibles to take effect — generally anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours — the benefits outlast any other type of CBD.

For example, with CBD-infused foods, the active cannabinoid is combined with food ingredients. What this means that the CBD will be slowly released over more extended periods as the food is digested. The result is a longer-lasting CBD experience. In fact, CBD edibles have been shown to last anywhere from two to four hours longer than if the CBD was inhaled.

Products Like Diamond CBD’s Chill Plus Gummies are ideal examples of a CBD edible that lasts longer. Users typically take one or two gummies as needed, and while it may take a short while for the product to reach its peak effect, the ultimate benefit lasts much longer than expected.

CBD Edibles Won’t Make You High

CBD edibles are a compound produced from the hemp plant. Many new users may be surprised to learn that it, in fact, does not produce a psychotropic or psychoactive “high.” Instead, CBD edibles offer consumers a much calmer feeling by providing an uplift in mood and a sense of more positive and alerted energy.

Why is this important? Because unlike with THC, users can enjoy the benefits of CBD edibles while at work or in any other professional setting. There’s worry about “operating heavy machinery,” because even if you do, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Considering CBD edible’s long-lasting nature, they can provide prolonged relief from daily stresses and mild pains and aches. This makes them an excellent option for when you wish to enjoy the benefits of something like cannabis without the psychoactive experience.

CBD Edibles Are Easy to Make

While it is possible to purchase “ready to eat” CBD edibles, it’s possible — and easy — to make your own as well. Using CBD oils, you can easily incorporate your favorite cannabinoid into practically any food or drink. Various CBD extractions can be added to baked and cooked goods, allowing you to experience the benefits of all-natural hemp-derived CBD in your favorite food or snack.

For example, CBD crystals, which are made with isolated and purified CBD, are now readily available online and in many brick-and-mortar stores. However, it is essential to note that isolated cannabidiol tends to be far less effective than whole-plant cannabis products.

CBD Edibles Allow for Greater Plant Synergy

Mounting evidence suggests that cannabinoids like CBD can interact with other plant molecules to produce a more amplified effect. For example, lavender contains an aroma molecule known as linalool, which belongs to a class of compounds called terpenes. Terpenes are scent molecules that are responsible for a plant’s unique fragrance.

As you may have already gathered, the cannabis plant contains an abundance of terpenes. This suggests that adding other beneficial herbs into your CBD culinary creation may help modulate CBD’s effect. Adding linalool (the lavender compound) is known for having calming effects. Try mixing CBD into a lavender dessert or tea to amplify the mellow effects of both herbal remedies. Pretty impressive, right?

In other words, you can use CBD edibles to create your own full-spectrum CBD products, giving your recipes an entourage effect.

CBD Edibles Are Easy to Dose

Everyone always has trouble finding the ideal dose of CBD. CBD oil comes with a dropper that can be less-than-exact. A common problem with vaping CBD is that it can be incredibly challenging to determine precisely how much cannabidiol you are actually ingesting with each puff. Everything becomes a game of “close enough.”

To bypass this potential problem, many ready-to-eat CBD-infused edibles come in pre-dosed servings. They allow consumers to calculate precisely how much CBD has been consumed, and how much more is needed to achieve desired results. For example, Diamond CBD offers consumers a line of soft gel CBD capsules as part of their CBD edible options. Each capsule contains a pre-measured dose of CBD, allowing you to make sure you take the same amount every time. It’s the best way to regulate your daily dose of CBD.

CBD Edibles Are Discreet

Many forms of CBD prove to be impractical or otherwise cumbersome. Even pocket-sized vape pens can be quite large, and it may not always be convenient to pull out a vaporizer for every dose. CBD-edibles are the perfect option for on-the-go travel or those needing a focus boost during the workday. Toss back a CBD-infused gummy bear or two and get back to work – no vape break required.

CBD Edibles Are Well-Tolerated

All-natural, hemp-derived CBD is one of the safest products on the market today. It’s well-tolerated and has few, if no, side effects. Even high doses of cannabidiol, if taken accidentally, rarely cause a person any harm. In most cases, someone who takes more than the recommended amount of CBD will find themselves a bit tired and lethargic throughout the day.

This goes for CBD edibles as well. That’s because no matter what form it is in, cannabidiol is widely considered to be a well-tolerated compound with minimal side-effects. The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research conducted an experiment in 2006 that supports this claim. It concluded that cannabidiol is safe in a wide range of doses for both epileptic and healthy study participants.

CBD Edibles Are Just the Beginning

There are numerous other ways cannabidiol can be consumed. These methods also include creams, tinctures, concentrates, topical, and sprays. However, CBD companies like Diamond CBD are always creating new and creative ways to administer CBD. It would be good practice to sample many different types of products to understand better which method works best for you depending on the benefits for which you are looking.