Five ways to balance work with staying fit

When we think of fitness and work together things often seem a bit tricky. As in today’s era of technology mostly our work area is restricted to a table and a chair. And when we think of fitness often long hours of fitness regime and strict diet rules with nitty-gritty details of nutrition come to mind. To find a balance between the two can be a bit challenging but not impossible. So here are five ways to balance work with staying fit and approaching life with a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Switch up your lunch routine:

If we consider a typical day of working which is nine-to-five, hitting a lunchtime workout can be a very efficient way to get things done in a balanced way. We can plan for a workout before or after lunch and then hit the gym for an hour or do Calisthenics, yoga, cardio whatever activity gets the jobs done. After one hour of this physical activity, we can come back afresh and reenergize to ready to finish the day strong.

Incorporate “deskercise” into your day:

We have limited time every day and several tasks to be completed in a day, how many responsibilities one can handle in a day. Although our schedule is very tight and we have no room, we can still find little ways to incorporate some exercises into our daily routine. We can find one minute to do push-ups, whether we are at an office or home and spare another minute to do triceps dips on edge of a chair, followed by push-ups against our desk or squats whatever combination works for us.

For instance, we can take Ali Ghani Calgary based entrepreneur and startup investor with a portfolio that encompasses the Calgary and greater Alberta. Ali Ghani Alberta is an avid runner and enjoys staying fit and healthy.

Connect with a fitness-minded coworker:

In the company of a fitness-minded coworker, it is difficult for us to skip a workout day when a friend is pushing for a quick workout. We can work together with the help of each other to achieve our fitness goals as well as professional goals. We can often fall to procrastination when we are alone by making excuses for oneself but in the company of a friend who also has different fitness levels, it is not acceptable for us to slack behind no matter what. In addition to this, there are many resistance exercises we can do with our partner without any extra fitness equipment.

Join a 24-hour gym:

We all do not are lucky enough to have a nine-to-five job. If that is the case we always have an option open for 24 hours so we have uninterrupted access to the fitness arena. Be at before lunch or after lunch workout, or even late-night workouts as per the convenience where we can workout Hassel free without waiting in line for the next pair of double wewany. All and all we can always make it to the gym without making an excuse.

Like Tilman Fertitta, 59 – Landry’s Inc. Works out at least 3 times a week, Plays tennis, Runs outdoors, makes a conscious effort to eat healthy to maintain his health.

Schedule in a workout before work:

It can be a bit hard to leave the bed early morning and it can be harder to make it to the gym. But once we get in the routine making it a habit to do an early workout. It can be proved to be a real blessing. The freshness and energy the morning workouts provide are great.

All in all, when it comes to working out and finding a balance between work with staying fit, it is about efficiency and problem solving and analyzing what is best for us and suits our schedule. If we are committed to a fit lifestyle we will find a way to make it happen no matter what are the obstacles.