Hair Transplant – Important Things You Should Know

As you age, your hair starts to thin, which is a major concern for many people. As we all know, hair is the crowning glory. Without full and healthy hair, your self-confidence and self-esteem will surely suffer. It is the reason why many people would resort to different types of hair thickening procedure. Dhi hair transplantation Antalya is one of the best solutions for hair loss. Fortunately, there are many clinics today that provide hair transplant procedure at a reasonable cost. 

If you are going to have a hair transplant soon, then there are important things you should keep in mind. These are the following:

Cause of hair loss – 

There are many reasons why you are losing hair, heredity is one. Male pattern baldness or androgene tic alopecia is common in men and definitely requires a permanent solution. Thus, making hair transplant the best remedy. 

Age – 

Younger men are offered other hair loss treatment alternatives. Ideally, men 25 years old and below who are having hair loss problems are given medical treatment. If all other measures failed, then that’s the time a hair transplant is performed. 

Cost – 

The cost of hair transplant varies depending on the extent of hair loss and the expertise of the surgeon. If you have enough budget, they might as well have the hair transplant done by a highly reputable cosmetic surgeon. You will surely be satisfied with the result, thus, getting the most out of your hard-earned money.

Type of hair transplant surgery – 

There are two types of hair transplant: FUT and FUE. Some cosmetic surgeons prefer to use a combination of those techniques, especially if the baldness is severe. Proper assessment and consultation should be done to assess the extent of hair loss and determine what type of hair transplant suits you best.