How Can Zantac Lawyers Help NDMA Victims?


The FDA has warned companies not to sell heartburn drug Zantac in any form. The consumers, who buy OTC drugs called Ranitidine, must also dispose of the liquid or tablet they have. The reason was that Zantac has the potential to cause cancer over time. Many manufacturers like Sanofi pulled out their products. The FDA reported that the contaminant was a kind of nitrosamine or NDMA [N-nitrosodimethylamine]. 

Risks of NDMA

It is toxic to animals and humans. NDMA is found in different products like cured meat, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits. However, the NDMA present in the medication lacks testing procedures to make sure there are no significant amounts of NDMA oozing in the formula. 

NDMA is regarded to be carcinogenic and has the potential to cause cancer and other devastating illnesses. Carcinogens damage cellular DNA directly or indirectly. Even the generic version of Zantac tests positive for NDMA, especially in the products that are from countries where there are poor quality control standards. 

Overexposure to NDMA causes 

  • Fever
  • Vomiting & Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Impaired kidney functions
  • Lung problems
  • Myocardium
  • Gastrointestinal hemorrhage 
  • Liver damage. 

Victims are filing Zantac lawsuits against the negligence of Drug Companies. You can take help from Shouse Law Group for cancer claims due to the ingredient NDMA. 

Sometimes, the case gets settled outside the court via negotiations. If the settlement is disputed the case gets argued in court before a jury. The jury determines if the litigant is liable for the compensation or not. You will need a Zantac lawyer right from the start to stand beside you during negotiations or court trials. 

How will Zantac Lawyer help you?

Zantac attorney will help in proving three things –

  • You were using Ranitidine or Zantac
  • You have cancer
  • Both are connected [Zantac & cancer]

If you were using OTC medication then proving it would be difficult, but the lawyer will do it using receipts as well as your doctor’s statement. To file litigation, you will have to prove the kind of cancer you have and has a connection with your NDMA. After proving your consumption and connection to cancer, the court trial gets tricky. 

You need to show the amount of medication you consumed was at a dangerous level. You can prove this with the dosage amount and for how long. Your medical and legal expert team will help you develop a connection between contaminated Zantac and cancer. Therefore you will need a qualified and experienced Zantac lawyer to represent you.

If the party’s negligence gets proved, then the victim can get compensation for the damages caused because of the defective drug exposure. You can file compensation claims for lost wages, medical expenses, disability, and pain & suffering. 

Zantac Class Action

Anyone who bought generic Ranitidine or Zantac can join class action even if they have no diagnosis for cancer. They need to prove they bought it and did not get a warning about cancer risk. These class actions demonstrate that the drug is faulty. So, the buyers are eligible for refunds. Neither Boehringer nor Sanofi disclosed that the drug was defective. It produces a high NDMA level, which the World Health Organization claims to be carcinogenic. If victims were aware they would never buy it.