How To Decide Which Water Purifier To Buy?

The best investment for health is a hard decision to make with a variety of options and features available.  A lot of times, many features that you don’t even know how to spell far from what it stands for. With developing technology and fast pacing life, there comes a time when one needs to know in precise how to utilize the best of what is available in the market.

When it comes to healthy drinking water and water purifiers, it is essential to consider some factors that will be of crucial importance in deciding how well the machine would work. We’ve summarized some of them for you below

Quality Of Water Supplied

According to your area of residence and the source of water supplied for drinking, the quality of water will differ. While some cities have hard water and high pH, some suffer from a saline texture problem that might not suit everyone for consumption. These factors are critical for you to consider what kind of water purifier filter would be right for you. Some key areas that you should include for better quality are

  1. RO System
  2. UV Purification
  3. Taste Enhancer
  4. Sediment Filter

Storage Capacity

According to the number of people, timings of water availability, mode of water pumping, and usage of water in a particular area, the storage capacity of the purifier matters as well. It is ardent that you look for a purifier that fits right in your place (isn’t too big) and yet works well enough for your needs (isn’t too small). The right capacity is essential in deciding the practicality of an effective purifier in direct proportion to the needs and requirements of the area where it is needed.

Speed of Purification

Every purifier runs on electricity, and the speed of purification of purifier decides the amount of time the machine would run. In layman terms, how much time the purifier takes to fill the storage tank would be directly proportional to the electricity consumption and therefore, the bill. It also determines the ease and comfort with which you can refill the machine every few hours and how instantaneously you would get water.

Tank Accessibility

A removable tank would obviously make things easier for the owner since it will be mobile, agile, and easily cleanable. It indicates the comfort which the owner can enjoy in daily life. Apart from the storage tank is accessible, it is also important to note if you need an indicator of the stored water. If your container would be put on auto-cut or some schedule, you might not necessarily need this feature, so this might go to the bottom of your list, but especially if you need it to run manually or occasionally or for whatever other reason you might deem to be appropriate, an indicative meter will prove to be very useful.


Most purifiers come with a specific time of warranty which assures the kind of quality the company is offering. This warranty usually covers the warranty of parts of this purifier as well, which includes any cleaners, candles, clearing nets, etc. which are essential in the working of the purifier.

Cost of Maintenance

Like every machine, a purifier needs to be maintained, the cost of which is incurred by the owner most times. Depending upon the kind of device, cost of maintenance varies. This should also, thus, be an essential factor in deciding whether your purifier is worth the money you are buying. Average of the several costs involved, called aquaguard AMC cost is one of the few most important factors to determine the worth of the product since annual maintenance in the underlying conditions is a recurring expense that will take place even if the use reduces.


Apart from the recurring cost for the upkeep of the machine, the value of the device is also crucial in deciding whether it is the one for you. Your needs are decisive of how much you can or want to spend on a purifier. While domestic purifiers with minimal features would be okay for one, a professional one for offices might be the right fit for the other. Hence, it is totally subjective how much you are willing to pay and for what features.

Companies that make water purifiers are not only in competition with each other but also itself in terms of different models of the same brand. Thus, there is a variety for the customer to choose from according to important factors that affect them. You take your checklist with the necessary features, a realistic budget set, and a purpose in mind, and there are good chances you’d be satisfied with what this market has to offer you.