Finding a good hair transplant surgeon is an onerous job from the crowd of many. Lamentably, there are countless hair transplant doctors in India but majority of them are either unqualified or inexperienced to deliver the best results and hence prefer the path of luring the patients by cheaper costs. They often lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to efficiently perform the hair transplant procedure successfully.

It is crucial to find a competent hair transplant surgeon in India if you are looking for hair transplant with permanent and natural looking results. Hair loss is itself a very disturbing experience one could face in life, on top of that if hair transplant also goes wrong it could cause a mental torment. Hence it is better to not hurry and fall prey for attractive discounts and false promises made by unethical clinics. 

Mark your points and parameters which should be fulfilled while searching for a good hair transplant surgeon and never fall under trap of discounts. Always make sure that your hair transplant surgeon qualifies on all your parameters for ensuring the ideal results.

There are certain parameters which could provide you a lump some idea of the particular surgeon and clinic described as follows:

  1. Professional qualification of surgeon: The first thing to look for in a surgeon is his/her professional qualification as the results will surely vary as per the qualification of the surgeon. People often neglect or are unaware of this aspect that who are authorized to perform this procedure. The answer is ideally a surgeon should be entitled with MCh plastic surgery degree to perform cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant. Hence, if you are looking for results of your dreams you should always opt for a qualified surgeon. 

Dr Suneet Soni founder of “Medispa hair transplant clinic” is a super specialized plastic surgeon (MCh Plastic surgery) whose degree itself speaks about his extensive knowledge in the field of cosmetic surgeries.

  1. Experience of the surgeon: Years of experience along with the super specialty degree is an additive factor one should look for. Authentic experience adds to the skills of a surgeon so one should look for years of practicing and number of surgeries performed by the particular surgeon. 

In terms of experience Dr Soni will be at top priority list as he has more than 13 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and has performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries in his career. All these years had peaked the fame of Dr Soni at worldwide level and crowned him with the title of one of the best hair transplant surgeon worldwide. 

  1. Expertise of the surgeon: Expert surgeon is one who can perform all the techniques of hair transplant with ease and not just rely on single technique. Most of the hair transplant doctors in Delhi blindly prefer FUE technique as FUT technique is complicated and requires excellent skills and expertise. Including, many clinicians performs the procedure in hurry and not spend appropriate time for the procedure which influence the results. Hence, it is important to know that is the surgeon you are opting for is suitable to perform all the techniques and have a holistic approach before deciding the choice of technique. 
  2. Artistic skills of the surgeon: There are very few surgeons who are gifted with artistic skills along with excellent surgical approach. If you find such surgeon for your hair transplant you can be ensured of the best possible desirable results. One could check the photo gallery of previous patients of that surgeon or videos of patients sharing their story to be confident about the artistic skills of the surgeon. 

Dr Suneet Soni is one such fortunate surgeon who is god gifted by extraordinary creative and artistic skills which is the secret of his successful surgeries with natural results. He is extraordinary in designing the hairline as per the requirements of the patients.

  1. Reputation of the surgeon: Reputation is built by genuine results, good experiences of past patients, patient footfall, past patient reviews and their testimonials. All these factors can be checked appropriately to assess the reputation. Never hesitate to ask the surgeon regarding past pictures of patients and contact numbers of few patients who can share their experience with you. 

Dr Suneet Soni, over the years has developed a brand value among national and international patients including celebrities. He is a renowned face in the field of cosmetic surgeries which has made Medispa pioneer in hair transplant procedures with increasing number of patients exponentially on a routine basis. 

He is the one who has introduced bio stimulated combination technique of hair transplant in Delhi and Jaipur which has top listed him as one of the most renowned hair transplant surgeon in India and worldwide.