How To Get Published Today

If you feel as if words are waiting to pour out of you as you sit with a paper and pen, you may believe you are a writer. Whether it is a book, an article, or an academic paper that you want to author, there is no stopping the glory you find in words. For many people, though, they don’t believe they can give themselves the title of “author” until they have been published on a certified platform. If you want to get published, here are some ways you may want to try.

1. Big Publishers

For most people, there are five commercially recognized publishing corporations that offer book deals and have long-term contracts with recognized and popular authors. Although these five publishing giants have held power over the wordsmiths for over 100 years, their power is diminishing each year as people turn away from physical books.

2. Self-Publishing

If you have a statement to make and can’t find anyone to publish your work, consider looking into self-publishing. You don’t need an agent to promote your work because you can do that yourself using the internet and associated platforms. You may want to hire a proofreader, however. Self-published writings are often ridiculed for spelling and grammar errors.

3. Independent Publishing

The niche markets are filled with independent publishing outlets like the Journal of Clinical Dentistry. If you have a profession that you can write authoritatively about, this may be the avenue you will wish to take for becoming a published author. There are many popular religious categories, short story anthologies, and cookbooks that get published this way.

If you have something to say to the world and want a platform to use to share it, distribute your words for everyone to read. No matter which of the three methods you use to publish that are listed above, you know someone somewhere may pick up your work and marvel at your creativity.