How To Make Rehab Affordable

The cost of rehab may seem expensive, but the first thing you need to remember is that any rehab will cost less than continuing your substance use.

Look at Your Budget

The cost of treatment may seem overwhelming, but you can work out a way to get the help you need. Just take things step by step. Make an inventory of your income, expenses, bank accounts and credit score. Some apps can make this much easier. Some community centers and libraries are able to find you free or low-cost assistance with your budget as well.

Compare Services and Prices

Be aware that you should consider value over cost; a lower cost rehab may not have what you need, and a more expensive option is not automatically better. You should contact a few rehabilitation centers such as Mile High Continuing Care. Ask if they have particular expertise in the substance with which you are struggling as well as any other medical issues you have. A reputable rehab will be able to give you a cost estimate on the treatments you need.

Insurance and Support Programs

If you are employed, your employer may have what is called an Employee Assistance Plan or EAP. An EAP can handle a variety of different issues including addiction. Not only can they aid you in finding the right rehab, but they may also find a way to help you pay for it.

Current law holds that insurance plans must include mental health benefits including addiction treatment. If you have insurance, contact the company and ask what providers are covered and if they have a cap on the length of stay in rehab and maximum benefits. Your insurance company should also tell you how much you will be required to pay (including your deductible) before coverage begins.

This advice applies whether you have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Medicaid and Medicare are different services with their own eligibility requirements. If you qualify for one or both, the entirety of your treatment may be free depending on where you live. The downside of these programs is that fewer rehab centers accept them, so be sure to research facilities carefully.

Other Ways To Get Financial Assistance

Each state has a department that is in charge of drug and alcohol programs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website can help you find and contact that agency. It also has a tool that allows you to search for rehab centers by many criteria. This tool can give you a list of nearby rehabs that offer some kind of financial relief program.