Importance of Berkey Filter at Home

Most people don’t think much about the water they are drinking. Once we get thirsty, we just fill up a glass of water and drink. We do this without even thinking that our tap water may contain harmful contaminants. Impurities in your tap water can be anything from chlorine, lead, chemicals, and other harmful elements that can cause illnesses, or worse, death. Fortunately, a way to stop worrying about water contamination is by the use of a water filtration device at home, like the Berkey Filter.

How a Water Filtration Device Like Berkey Filter Works

What exactly is water filtration? In simple terms, water filtration pertains to any process of filtering the water before you drink or use it. The primary objective is to make sure that harmful contaminants will not get into your body through the ingestion of contaminated water.  Visit USA Berkey Filters to learn more.

Unfortunately, many people don’t even bother to check if they are drinking clean water. People need to be aware of the importance of drinking clean and safe water all the time. They need to understand how important is the use of water filter at home.

Importance of Berkey Filter to Health

Berkey Filter is a portable device that removes 99.99% of harmful water contaminants. Learn about the most common contaminants that can harm your health. Berkey Filter systems can remove over 200 types of contaminants. Learn about some of the most commonly found contaminants in our tap water.

Berkey Filter Removes Chlorine

Chlorine is very effective in killing harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. It is commonly used in swimming pools and yes, in our tap water. In fact, you can smell chlorine in your tap water, especially during the early morning.

You may not like drinking water in the pool, right? So, is there any difference in drinking it from your tap water? Chlorine has long been associated with several health risks. The risks include, but not limited to, urinary tract infections, birth defects, and even cancer.

You don’t have to drink chlorine in your tap water. By using Berkey Filter at home, you eliminate the risks posed by the long-term exposure to chlorine.

Berkey Filter Eliminates Fluoride

Many cities use fluoride in small doses to their water supply. The reason is to add health benefits like dental health and tooth decay prevention.

This may sound good, however, long term exposure to fluoride can also be bad for your health. It weakens the skeletal system and may cause osteoarthritis. Worse, some studies prove that fluoride is also known to cause cancer.

Fortunately, Berkey Filter removes excess fluoride in your tap water.

Berkey Filter Gets Rid of Lead

Most pipeline networks today use plastic water pipes but older pipes still exist, so there is still a chance that your tap water may contain lead. Lead poisoning is very dangerous, especially for young children. Overexposure to lead may cause intellectual disability to the developing brain of a child. Kidney dysfunction may also occur on prolonged exposure to lead.

To prevent these health hazards from affecting our family, Berkey Filter can help filter out lead from your water supply.

Berkey Reduces Nitrates

Nitrate is a substance that is considered healthy in normal doses. However, like any other things, too much of something is bad. Exposure to too many nitrates poses health hazards, especially to pregnant women and the unborn child. Most babies exposed to high levels of nitrates often develop the blue baby syndrome.

Protect your family, especially the children from hazardous and life-threatening diseases. Purify your drinking water at home with Berkey Filter.

Berkey Filter Prevents Viruses

Water is one of the favorite breeding grounds of viruses. One of the most common is Hepatitis A. There are many illnesses different viruses may cause. Some are just simple diseases but some may be life-threatening.

Fortunately, the Berkey filter prevents viruses without using any disinfecting chemicals. The Berkey Filter uses the adsorption process to filter out 99.99% of viruses that may be present in your tap water.

Berkey Filter Helps You Save Money

Berkey Filter saves you a lot of money yearly on bottled water. A family with 2-4 members consumes an average of 2-4 gallons of drinking water daily. Purchasing this many bottled water will cost you thousands of dollars annually. That is 1000% more expensive than investing in a water filtration device at home.

Berkey Filter will cost you an initial investment between $250 to $350. Each system could be used for at least 4 years or after your filtered 6,000 gallons of water. Imagine how much money you could save with a Berkey Filter.