Know About The Different Types Of Medical Wastes

Every year tons of medical wastes are generated from hospitals and other medical organisations. This contains harmful materials that pose a great threat to the environment, humans, and animals. This is why there is every need for hospitals and medical organisations to take the responsibility to dispose of them safely.

Medical wastes can be of different types. Before disposal, they need to be segregated properly. After that, you can call for a medical waste removal service like Florida medical waste disposal who will take it away to treatment plants.

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is everything that is generated from hospitals and medical organisations. These materials are generated as a by-product of healthcare activities like surgeries, laboratories, and dentists. It contains materials that come in contact with the body during research, diagnosis, and treatment.

These materials are highly infectious and can spread deadly diseases like Ebola, syphilis, malaria, etc. This is why they need to be disposed of properly.

Types of medical wastes

Medical wastes can be of different types. This include:

  1. General waste: This consists of office and household waste that makes the bulk of the medical waste.
  1. Hazardous waste: This type of medical waste is very dangerous. However, they are not infectious. This includes surgical equipment, injections, sharp objects, and chemical waste. They pose a great threat to human health if they come in contact with them.
  1. Infectious waste: This type of waste is also very dangerous to humans as they are infectious. This includes various body fluids like human tissue, blood, and other contaminated fluids. It is important to dispose of this type of waste carefully as they can infect anyone coming in contact with them.
  1. Radioactive waste: This type of waste is generated from radioactive treatment. For example, they are mostly generated from cancer therapies. It is also produced by medical equipment that makes use of nuclear elements.

No matter what type of medical waste it is, they all need to be disposed of properly, so that they don’t spread diseases. All medical waste should be disposed of daily.