Online counseling VS In-person counseling

Counseling is a process that helps the people to discuss their mental problems and any difficult feelings they encounter in a safe, confidential environment. Don’t worry Online counselor is available for you all-time in Blue Mirror. Consultation eliminates this problem, gives you space and freedom to explore your feelings, and solve your unwanted behaviors.

In-person counseling:

In-person counseling takes place in an office or a private setting. In-person counseling, you go to an office and meet face to face with the counselor. The counselor and client seeing each other and talk face to face in a private setting.  In-person counselors build an effective relationship with a client.

In counseling sessions, the client can explore different aspects and feelings of his life, talking about them freely and openly. In-person counseling, it is easier for the counselor to physically observe the client.

The counselor can help the client examine in detail the behavior or situation that is proving to be disturbing and to find an area where some change is possible as a start. The counselor can help the client see the options open to them and help them make the best decision for them.

Online counseling:

Online counseling provided services through the use of the Internet. Online counseling is quite simple, as long as you are comfortable with using the technology. An online counselor is a professional psychologist who provides services on the Internet. Services are usually provided via email, chat, and video calls. You can use all kinds of encrypted communication software such as Skype, VPN or Wire to talk to a counselor using video, or only using sound to communicate and remain hidden from view, you can do all this wherever you are in the world, and as long as your device can connect to the internet you can have online counseling.

Through the internet, you connect with an online counselor and discuss all issues. You save the time and money and Low risk for the online counselor. The online counselor provides Total security. Online counseling is attractive to some people who would be reluctant to access face to face therapy.

Online counseling VS In-person counseling:

In case of an emergency in which the patient can’t get to the counselor, a phone session might be helpful until the patient can come in to talk. Online counseling is especially effective in COVID 19 period; people don’t go to the office. Online counseling can access from anywhere in the world. Online counseling is better for the client, for some people it feels safer and less stressful and more productive and for the client, and some people can’t find a therapist near to where they live. Online counseling Maybe easier to access for some people with physical disabilities.

But on the phone does not give the Counselor enough information or cues to do their best work. Counseling by chat will be much slower and make slower progress than in-person counseling.

Online counseling can be very effective. Some people are actually at risk of living in a room with someone and feel discomfort to expresses their deepest thoughts and feelings. In this case, they may feel safer in their room or place where they press a button and end the conversation if they feel threatened. Also, some people have problems with mobility and transportation or location where they cannot come to the office. Online counseling is better than counseling.

In-person counseling has many more dimensions. Most of our work involves making connections so that the client feels safe and open. If viewed through the lens of a camera on a phone or computer, there simply cannot be a full connection. Counselors notice a lot of body language in terms of whether the person is upset, unwilling to go in a certain direction, feels blocked, etc. When you’re not in the same room with them, those subtle body cues can be lost.

The answer to this question is based on the assumption that traditional consultants and online consultants are equally qualified and good at their job. This provides a balanced starting point for comparison. On this basis, the growing popularity of online consultation around the world and the positive results it has achieved suggests that it is far more effective than traditional methods. There are many reasons for this. Ease of communication, the absence of stress from going to a counselor’s office, the peace of mind that a person feels in a family environment, it is easier to be open and honest online than in the presence of someone physically.


If you have suffered any mental illness, you should talk to an online counselor in Blue Mirror.