Perfect Knee Caretaking for You Now

If your knee hurts, the first thing to do is reduce the pain in the short term. Then the goal will be to no longer feel pain by taking longer-term action by acting on the root causes of your problem. The use of Knee Active Plus in Greece  happens to be the best option there.

Obtain medical advice:

Always seek medical advice

The first action to take is to make an appointment with a doctor. It is essential that you have an accurate diagnosis of what you have.

Chronic pain is often bearable. The problem is that many people do not consult as a result. Or they do it long after the first symptoms appear.

It’s a shame because the more seriously you take charge of your problem, the easier it is to resolve it.

Your general practitioner is a good first-line contact. This will prescribe additional examinations if necessary or refer you to a specialist.

Stop painful movements:

You need to rest to decrease inflammation

Chronic pain sometimes manifests itself in specific situations such as certain movements or prolonged sitting.

In order to suffer less and limit the pain, the first thing to do is to eliminate painful situations as quickly as possible.

This prevents the inflammation from becoming very pronounced and making your symptoms worse.

Be careful, this does not mean immobilize yourself.

As you may have read in treating Patellar Syndrome, good weight training is essential for proper knee support. Stopping all physical activity can put you in a vicious cycle.

Consult a sports coach:

A sports coach will help you put in place actions to maintain good musculature (in order to guide the kneecap in the axis) while reducing the risk of pain.

The risk if your knee hurts is that you move less and sometimes start to limp.

Your quadriceps in particular quickly loses some of its muscle mass. Result: your knee is no longer well supported and the risk of having pain increases.

You are entering the famous vicious circle we just talked about:

  • Vicious circle muscle loss – knee pain
  • The sports coach will adapt to your desires, your needs, your goals and your lifestyle to select actions adapted to your case.
  • It helps you take into account your body as a whole , understand the right investments so as not to injure yourself, and adopt good habits so as not to see your knee pain return.
  • It helps you stay motivated over time to solve your problem and it helps you gain self-confidence.
  • Whether you are a sportsman with specific goals or you hate sports, a good sports coach knows how to adapt to everyone.

Use apps:

Application of hot or cold:

Alternate the application of hot and cold

  • Ice reduces pain by acting on the sensitivity of nerve endings. On the other hand, it does not reduce the inflammation itself as we sometimes hear.
  • In case of point pain, you can apply cold to your knee.

The shape of the latter does not facilitate the holding of a cloth filled with ice cubes for example. I advise you in this case to use a bag of frozen peas which will take the shape of the knee. Be careful to note above that it is for your knees because you should never eat food that has been frozen, thawed and then refrozen! Otherwise, you can buy ice packs or heat packs at the drugstore.