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Ravenscroft Healthcare has three physiotherapy and pain relief centres in Milton Keynes that treat a number of orthopaedic, psychiatric (rehab and Bobath therapy), cardiopulmonary (cardiac rehabilitation), and chronic pain conditions. Sports injuries, musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound guided (hip) joint and soft tissue injections, acupuncture, (children’s) physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, podiatry, postnatal and post-surgical rehabilitation, and elderly care are all treated and taught at the Milton Keynes clinics in Westfield Road, Broughton Gate Health Centre, and Purbeck Health Centre (including elderly fall prevention).

Author: Raja Challuri

Clinical Director at Ravenscroft Health –

The best from the patients

NHS referral patients, private patients, and medico-legal patients are all welcome at the Ravenscroft Health Milton Keynes (following a fall, road traffic accident or an accident in the workplace).

The best physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues, including back pain, sciatica, and athletic injuries, as well as treating orthopaedic and neurological complications and recovery after accident, surgery, or disease. A personalised physiotherapy regimen will help you optimise your strength and endurance while reducing discomfort, independent of your fitness level or medical background.

Our expert team will help you get back to full fitness, avoid injury recurrence when moving on new goals, or boost your quality of life and freedom if you have a long-term illness or lack of function.

Our physiotherapists have a wide range of experience treating a variety of ailments. Using a flexible and evidence-based approach, we will collaborate with you to build personalised recovery strategies to address your particular expectations and priorities.

For patients enrolled with your practise, Ravenscroft Health will offer advanced physiotherapy, including one-on-one care and group courses. Please fill out and return the referral form here if you would like to refer a patient.

Orthopaedic department for excellent results

Orthopaedics is dealing with disorders of the bones, muscles, and soft tissues that cover them. Long-term diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as fractures, musculoskeletal disabilities, and athletic injuries affecting the joints, fall under this category.

Our specialist physicians at Ravenscroft Health, as part of our broader Musculoskeletal Services, have a wealth of experience treating a wide variety of orthopaedic disorders. Low back pain, hip pain, arthritis, RSI, knee injury, shoulder pain, and post-operative recovery are also typical cases.