Reasons Why You Should Choose Garden State Pain Control for Back Pain Treatment

Good health is the inner happiness and well-being of all human beings. It makes a prime contribution to economic advancement since a healthy population is more productive, lives longer, and will contribute significantly to the country’s gross domestic product. Many factors determine individuals’ health status, such as the social and economic, cultural, and physical environment we live in. All these factors determine our ability to access better, quality health services in the best health facilities such as Jersey City back pain treatment centers. They offer the best medical treatment for all back pain caused by muscle sprain, bulging and ruptured disc, and spine osteoarthritis. Garden state pain control has highly trained specialists who treat a variety of back problems that are caused by degenerative conditions.

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Knee Pain after Surgery

Many patients live with chronic knee pain after undergoing surgery. Our intervention pain experts at Garden State Pain Control have specialized in providing extensive treatment solutions for our patients who still have knee pain after surgery through;

Synvisc – One Injection, which is the most therapeutic solution containing hyaluronate, is a substance that occurs naturally in the knee and is used to lubricate and cushion the knee. This injection is used to relieve knee pain after surgery caused by osteoarthritis.

Genicular Injection is commonly used to address the knee pain before and after surgery. This injection will help to restore knee function and reduce the pain gradually.

Steroid Injection is used temporarily to relieve post-surgery knee pain caused by gout, bursitis, and arthritis.

PRP Injection; Platelet-rich plasma injection will help alleviate post-surgical knee pain and help restore its function. Our experienced team of interventional pain physicians at Garden State Pain Control will use a small amount of your blood plasma and inject it directly at the source of pain and promote the healing of soft tissue, cartilage, and bone regeneration in the knee.

Back Pain

Back pain affects our ability to perform daily tasks and may lead to depression and stress. Worry not, because our team at Garden State Pain Control will offer you a whole scope of advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for all types of back pain. Our doctors will first take your medical history and later conduct a thorough examination since our pain relief programs are highly individualized. After analysis, a personalized pain relief program will be created for you that will translate to smooth healing.

Neck Pain

Neck pain will make your day long, and this means you need treatment to get relief. At Garden State Pain Control, our doctors are experts in determining your neck pain’s precise sources. They will perform a diverse procedure that will deliver treatment to the affected area and provide significant pain relief.

Hip Pain

Hip pain may arise from arthritis, infections, bursitis, and damage to muscle ligament and tendons. It is hard to detect the pain because you can have a problem in the hips but feel the pain in your buttocks, thigh, or groin, but at Garden State Pain Control, our doctors will use diagnostic tests and imaging to know the cause and location of pain and provide specialized treatment such as hip injection and dorsal root ganglion therapy.


In conclusion, back pain has become the biggest reason why people go to doctors for specialized treatment. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide, but luckily Garden State Pain Control has a lasting solution for all your back problems. Take precautions to prevent back pain by avoiding accidents, falls, and overly strenuous work.