Resisting temptations and exercising self-control

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There can be no better saying than the one that goes “Where there is a will, there is a way” to emphasize the role that will power can play in helping you achieve your goals or chase your dreams.   Will power is bound to help you work hard and tirelessly to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in life.   Not to mention, the hardships and hurdles you have got to overcome in order to ensure that the goal is reached. The good news is that it is indeed easy to strengthen your willpower. Here are certain tips to ensure you Hack your willpower and become successful in life.

Ways to hack your will power

Engaging in mood-lifting activities–  Having mentioned mood-lifting activities, you may be wondering what it could be?. It is as simple as engaging in something that you are interested in or watching something that can make you smile. Studies have shown that resisting temptation which is the basis for exercising self-control improved significantly when the participants of the study engaged in mood-lifting activities.  Hack your will power by engaging in mood-lifting activities.

 Meditation– Out of the number of other benefits you stand to gain when you meditate,  you would also be able to Hack Your will power and maintain it too, when you meditate.  Spending a minimum of 10 minutes in a comfortable position in a place you like and focussing on your breath can be very helpful in resisting temptation and improving self-control.

Self-forgiveness – Being compassionate or forgiving yourself when you do yield to temptation could help Hack your willpower rather than engaging in a feeling of regret that can actually deplete you of your will power. For example,  if you do get up late in the morning and you forgive yourself for doing so, you would be able to hack the willpower to avoid getting up late the next day. However, if you are going to be caught in a feeling of regret, it would deplete you of the motivation and energy to get up early the next day too. This would go on day after day.

Commitment-  one of the best ways to Hack your willpower is to develop a sense of commitment. How do you develop this? This is done by

  • evaluating the situation you are in
  • considering why you wish to strengthen your will power?
  • Making decisions on the areas you wish to improve
  • Setting short-term and long-term goals to achuieve it.
  • Breaking down the goals into easy to follow steps to achieve it.

This is considered to be one of the best ways to improve your will power and achieve the goals.

 Exercising and sleeping

To Hack your willpower and achieve your goals, you need to have sound sleep and enough exercise to keep your body and mind healthy.  exercise,  like meditation, has the ability to stimulate parts of the brain that is believed to be connected to controlling temptation and exercising self-control. Similarly, when you do not get enough sleep, the impulsive centers of the brains are likely to overtake the will power parts of your brain. This means that you will find it more and more difficult to stay on track and muster enough willpower to achieve your goal.

Stay on track! Hack your will power.