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Sermorelin Peptide: Major Benefits Can Be Reaped

Sermorelin is a peptide consisting 29 amino acids. It the shortest among all manmade peptides and is capable of inducing biological activity in the body a human. This peptide is an exact match to human GHRH or human growth hormone releasing hormone. It is also an analogue of GHRH factor which is present in human body and also in the bodies of other mammals. Due to this, it is used to diagnose and treat growth hormone deficiency.

GHRH or Growth hormone releasing hormone leads to the production of HGH or human growth hormone which causes body development. GHRH happens to an important part of different human body functions like building energy levels. Muscle development and metabolic rate. But the levels of growth hormone start to wane off with advancing age. Research has found that after the age of 30, GHRH levels decline by 15% on average every ten years. Growth deficiency might also happen due to GHRH deficiency. Sermorelin is a GHRH secretagogue which is efficient in fighting in growth hormone deficiency.

History of the peptide

The effects of GHRF (1-29) amide, a growth hormone fragment were discovered in the early 1980s. Studies were conducted on rat models and Sermorelin, as a GHRF (1-29) amide was administered on both anaesthetized and conscious rats. The treatment promoted growth by stimulating the pituitary gland. This research proved Sermorelin as an efficient candidate which can be used to treat growth hormone deficiency in humans. This peptide was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for human treatment in the year 1987.

Sermorelin has no efficacy or safety concerns and various generic versions of it have been approved by the FDA. These versions are still available in the market.

Treating growth deficiency in children

When this peptide was administered in children suffering from growth hormone deficiency, there was an increased response from growth hormone. But when this deficiency is caused by hypothalamus deficit, Sermorelin alone will fail to detect it. in this case ither provocative rests are necessary for accurate results. Children with Idiopathic GH deficiency showed positive results after Sermorelin administration. Continuous and consistent treatment for 12 months resulted in increased rate of height and growth velocity. The elevated level was active for 36 months on average after continuous treatment.

Treating HIV patients with Sermorelin along with Lipodystrophy

Patients who are suffering from lipodystrophy due to HIV have lower levels of Growth Hormone in their body. A controlled trial research was done on patients infected with HIV. The patients were within 18-60 years and were suffering from lipodystrophy. While one group of patients were administered with placebo, the rest were administered subcutaneously with Sermorelin. The patients treated with Sermorelin had elevated levels of Growth Hormone in compared to those treated with placebo. This study suggest that this peptide is well tolerated and can be useful in treating lipodystrophy in patients with HIV.

Sermorelin is available for licensed researchers. They can buy Sermorelin online for further studies regarding its potential.