Still Dealing With Pain From Your Latest Injury? Get The Best Rehabilitation Treatment in South Florida

Injuries can arrive in all shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, we can become injured even in the most unexpected. It is important, however, to understand that your ailments can progress and become much worse over time. This will undoubtedly happen if you fail to get the correct type of treatment tailored to your own specific needs. Injuries, chronic illnesses, or age-related conditions are all factors associated with general pain.

Even more so, think of your pain as a warning sign of an underlying condition. In other words, pain just does not arise for no apparent reason. Your pain is manifesting itself and informing you that something is going on. Luckily for you, there is a clear cut solution that will have you feeling better in no time.

By seeking injury rehabilitation in South Florida, you will receive the medical attention needed to effectively address your injury. So, we would like for you to join us throughout this article as we discuss a series of potential injuries and how rehabilitative care in Hollywood can help eradicate them.

Types of Injuries That Can Be Treated With Rehabilitative Treatment in Florida

We would like to begin by talking about sports injuries and their effect on our bodies. Due to the physical intensity that arises when practicing any type of sport, the chance of developing an eventual injury is quite high. Whether it be injuries such as fractures, muscle issues, or heavy trauma, an athlete or just a regular person will have to seek specific medical solutions in order to begin a proper recovery.

Also, some injuries must simply arise because of a series of unfortunate accidents. These can occur in slip and falls or motor vehicle accidents. The reality is that the injuries resulting from these accidents can be even more dangerous. The level of impact for example in car accidents can result in cases of whiplash, muscle injuries, and traumatic brain injury. If this happened to you, it will be crucial to get medical attention as soon as possible.

The most common injuries regarding the above mentioned ones are the following:

Bone fractures:

  • Wrist fracture,
  • Ankle fracture,
  • Forearm fracture,
  • Shinbone fracture,
  • Hip fracture,
  • Vertebral fracture.

Muscle injuries:

  • Hamstring strain,
  • Groin strain,
  • Rotator cuff tears,
  • Achilles rupture (common in sports)
  • Back strains.

Head injuries:

  • Hematoma, (collection or pooling of blood in the area)
  • Edema,
  • Concussion,
  • Hemorrhage,
  • Skull fractures.

 Common Symptoms Of The Above Mentioned Injuries

When patients sustain head trauma injuries, the most common symptoms include headaches, lightheadedness, throbbing pain, confusion, and loss of memory. When people suffer severe head trauma like concussions, medical experts advise that the individual stay awake for an extended period of time (at least 12 hours) after suffering a blow to the head. There have been cases where the concussion can lead to further complications, resulting even in commas. Nonetheless, the best piece of advice is to always seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Symptoms of muscle injuries are quite different. When an individual suffers a sprain or tear in whichever muscle, the first symptom to manifest itself will be a decrease in a person’s range of motion. In other words, the person’s ability to move around will be greatly affected.

Other common symptoms include:

  • Redness or bruising,
  • Limited motion,
  • Swelling,
  • Numbness,
  • Pain and tenderness.

Get The Rehabilitation You Need

Now that you are more informed about the complexities of these injuries, let’s go ahead and talk about the specific rehabilitative care that is available.

When dealing with fractures, the medical professional will seek to carefully mobilize all of the joints that are able to properly move. By doing so, the patient will still have a normalized range of movement throughout the other extremities. When the fracture area can endure slight movement, the chiropractor will seek to provide the patient with light exercise in order to prevent disuse atrophy.

The doctor may also employ gravity to assist further mobilization in a joint. This will allow the proximal joints to be properly stabilized and prevent the neighboring muscles to become more weakened. Lastly, the physiotherapist will make sure to carefully allow the patient to place weight on the fracture if possible. This will allow the bone to heal properly but also not atrophy.

With muscle injuries, a chiropractor can seek to utilize deep tissue massages. This rehabilitative treatment will help improve your range of motion because of an increase in blood flow to the affected area. Equally as important, it will quicken your injury recovery time. These techniques will allow you to return to a much healthier physical state.

Lastly, if you have suffered spinal or head injuries your medical professional will be able to provide a series of physiotherapy sessions. These can include manual adjustments in the neck and head area, and as well as spinal decompressions. By decompressing the spine, any accumulated pressure will be released.

Get Treated Now!

The main takeaway from this article is that even though your injuries may be seriously affecting your quality of life, there are various rehabilitative solutions for them. By seeking and following the right treatment plan, your pain will go away in a timely manner. You must acquire rehabilitative care in South Florida if you wish to go back to your old self again. Contact your local medical provider right away, and you will see how rapidly your life changes for the better.