The Best CBD Oils Available on the Market

Nowadays, CBD oils are becoming incredibly popular all over the world. First of all, it happens because of a tendency to legalize more and more hemp products. And therefore, many companies start building their own business on it, so the competition occurred. In our review, we will help you to choose the best OIL.

Medihemp CBD Oil

MediHemp is one of the best CBD oil brands. It contains pure CBD and hemp seed oil as a base and is extracted from industrial fiber hemp. The CBD oil of the Medihemp brand is certified organic and meets high-quality requirements. The company offers the following products:

  • CBD oil Raw organic in different concentrations: 2.5%, 5%, 10% or 18% CBD.
  • CBD oil Pure organic in different concentrations: 2.5%, 5%, 10% in bottles of 10 or 30 ml.
  • CBD oil is available with 6% CBD in bottles of 10 ml.

All these CBD products are freely available at different drugstores.


The price varies between € 32.50 and € 68.95. It all depends on the amount and percentages of the CBD products you choose.

Etos CBD Oil

Etos does not sell CBD oil under its own brand but does offer products from different brands. Below you can see an overview of the range of products at Etos. You can buy the following

  • Valdispert CBD oil 4%.
  • Natural People CBD oil 4% (10 ml).
  • Natural People CBD oil 4% (30 ml).
  • Lucovitaal CBD oil 2.8% (10 ml).
  • Jacob Hooy CBD oil 5% (10 ml).

As you can see, there are many CBD products in this oversaturated market. And in order to choose the best product for you, it is better to consult with a doctor. And choosing the most expensive one does not always mean that it will be the most high-quality product.