Tips to stay fit and active during the period of self-isolation

Ever since the lockdown due to the onset of the novel Coronavirus [COVID-19] around the world has been implemented, self-isolation and social distancing are the two most popular words as a majority of the people on earth are practicing this. This has led to people either working from home or sitting idle in their homes with not many activities to indulge in. Not being able to go out has definitely limited the opportunities to stay active but you should not shy away from working out from your home by switching to some online personal training sessions! 

Not indulging in any physical activities will definitely affect your health – not just physically but mentally as well. Since you’re at home, the scope for lazing around is much more and that is exactly what you need to avoid. Being active can boost your body’s overall health and prevent you from feeling depressed. Check this out for CPR and first aid training

Keeping these things mind, it is pretty clear that you should be active in your house and maintain your fitness in different ways. To help you out in this regard, here are a few different tips that you may follow. 

Take a 1-2 min break every half hour from your work

One of the most basic and important things to do is to not sit for long hours in front of your computer system. You should take a quick break of 1-2mins every half an hour if possible. It could be something as simple as walking back and forth across the length of your house or going to the kitchen to refill your bottle or to take some snacks. Standing from time to time is important. Make sure you stretch your back muscles in the process. 

Make stairs your new best friend

Now that you are at your house, make sure that you use your stairs as much as possible. In fact, just a 20-sec fast climb of your stairs in a day can help you improve your fitness in a matter of a couple of weeks. If you live in an apartment, try to take stairs unless you have arthritis or similar issues.

Indulge in bodyweight workout sessions

There is a reason why Calisthenics has become a popular way of workout in the world. It is so effective that you can feel the results right in front of you. Taking a cue from it, you should definitely indulge in workout sessions using just your bodyweight. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, core crushers, lunges, and so on; the list of exercises you can do is endless. Indulge in at least a 30min workout to get incredible results. 

Play with your pets

Since you now get a lot more time to spend with your pets, make sure that you play with them. Indulge in any fun activity with them in your backyard or your terrace. Play games like ‘which hand’, hide and seek, tug of war, and so on indoors. You can groom your pet or maybe teach a new trick or two. All these activities will not just keep you physically active but emotionally happy as well. 

Dance your way towards fitness

Talking about how to keep your heart happy, dancing is another activity that you can indulge in during this self-isolation phase. Since this is an activity that comes under moderate to vigorous intensity, it is ideal for your heart to pump more blood into your body. It also helps you relieve the stress that the self-isolation might have caused you. 

Hence, not able to go out for workout is no more an excuse. And apart from this, the other thing that you can do is taking some virtual fitness classes with your fitness trainer, no matter where you stay.

By incorporating these tips into your lifestyle, you can surely come out of this self-isolation phase with a positive mindset and a physically fit body.