Top Massage Types To Increase Your Relaxation

Massage has many benefits, whether you need it to boost circulation, relieve muscle tension or decrease your stress. If you’re new to the massage world, you may not realize how many different types are available to you. Here are some of the most common ones you may see on the massage menu at your local spa.


One of the most common types of massage that everyone who goes to massage school Gwinnett County learns is the Swedish massage. This type of massage is full of gentle, broad strokes that can decrease muscle tension and relieve knots of tension in the body. It is a fantastic way to start your massage journey.

Deep Tissue

For a more strenuous massage than Swedish, you may want to try a deep tissue style. This full-body treatment allows the therapist to dig into problematic areas to decrease the soreness and pain that come with musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain.


This type of massage is the least invasive, without you having to remove any clothing. A light touch is used that can improve sleep and restore function to the central nervous system.


Therapists combine the use of essential oils with your massage in this type of treatment. With a knowledgeable practitioner, there can be an emotionally healing aspect to this type of massage with the use of specific oils. Soft, gentle strokes are used in combination with the oils diluted into lotion.

Hot Stone

For an extra release of tension in tight muscles, you may want to try a hot stone massage. The therapist places warm stones on certain points on your body and uses them to give deep pressure into tight muscles.

Massage can be a helpful way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing as you find a rhythm you can stick to.