Top Natural Remedies for Menopause that will work

Menopause is a stage in life; most women will surely go through. Women start experiencing menopause when they are deficient in estrogen, progesterone, as well as testosterone and DHEA. The most common way of helping a woman go through this process is through hormone replacement therapy; however, it has its downsides.

Over the years, many remedies and treatments have been put forward to help with treating discomforts suffered by menopausal women. However, many still stick to natural remedies for menopause. The treatments used mostly depend on the symptoms observed. There could be symptoms like vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, and hot flashes. If you are going through Perimenopause, below are some natural remedies that will help.


Ginseng is a powerful Asian home remedy that has been used for centuries for many illnesses. Ginseng can’t cure Perimenopause. However, it provides an amazing soothing relief that ensures you get to sleep better and feel less discomfort. You can ground it and take it as tea, or as capsules.

Black Cohosh

This is another powerful natural remedy for menopause. This herb, which is native to North America has powerful natural ingredients that are great for menopause relief. You can ground the roots of the plant into a dietary supplement.

Vitamin D

The reduction in the production of estrogen is what leads to perimenopause. From the moment a woman’s ovaries stop the production of this hormone, there is a higher risk of having osteoporosis. Although Vitamin D supplement can’t cure hot flashes and other issues associated with menopause, it can help boost your mood, and this will turn help stabilize your emotions and boost your self-perception.

Wild Yam

Another natural remedy great for menopause discomfort is Wild Yam. It is a botanical with amazing potential for estrogenic activity. As a result of this, supplements of wild yam can mimic the effects of estrogen on your body.

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